Remove gem cost for Alchemy Lab level 10

Currently Level 10 Alchemy Lab cost 200 gems to finalize a transmuted item !!! It’s quite disappointing and a tremendous dissatisfaction to get this far out in the game to realize it’s not rewarding … Loyal people in my alliance are losing interest in playing when there is no reward after spending $$$$ and at the end of the rainbow is not a pot of gold but a rainstorm …I vote to remove the cost of 200 gems…
Perhaps a reward is appropriate…

Thanks …

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It takes waaaaaay to long to max this new building so I agree it should be removed or second option I see is to let people choose what they want than the 200 gem cost is fine. Yes you can speed up your building with gems but that is fine and you already pay the price so whats the point to this 200 gem cost? This is really disappointing.


The first version of the new Alchemy lab in Beta have not got gem cost included, but there was a very high food usage (3310k for 10B and 2650k for 10A).
In that Beta version for 10B you needed two 4 star materials to get one.

People are complaint about the high food usage and the two material need, so they reduced them, and they have added the gem cost back at a lower rate.

So I suppose the gem cost will not be removed :frowning:

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I don’t run the levels 10a or b at the moment but I have the AL fully levelled.

At the minute I’m happy just running lower level recipes and combining the shards every 5 days.

But 10A gives you enough shards for a pull and a crack at turning something useless into a 4* mat.

I’m not sure there a better use of 100 gems every 7 days tbh but you don’t need to run the top level to have a chance at a 4*.

10B is only any good if you have an abundance of a 4* mat and that’s not a luxury I’ve ever had so that’s not a level I can run.

Personally I don’t see a problem having the top levels needing some gem power tbh. But then I’m in a position where I don’t need to summon really. My 5* deck is deep so I have no need to spend my gems in summon portals. What I need is 4* mats to level them.

So is 100 gems for 2 cracks at getting a 4* mat worth it? Well I think it is but your mileage may differ.

Currently I’m stuck with 24 five stars at T3-70 waiting for final ascension items … Summoning is out of the question for me unless the drop of final ascension items change…
I’m not sure how to proceed… lol… may be the end of game …

Or reduce the cost to 100 gems …

Hit harder titans (12* up I think) and get B or better for more shots at ascension loot is how I’ve managed to get a lot of recent 5 * mats.

I ascended Joon probably 3 weeks ago I think and the game has dropped me 4 Dart since then. Ironically Rings have been sat at 5 through but I’ll get that from Mount Umber later this week.

They will slowly accumulate and you can ascend as you go but like me summoning has little interest really. That said I’ve been really lucky getting mats from the bonus ascension chests so playing Valhalla and gathering the coins till has a purpose.

Ultimately though you have to ask if the game has enjoyment now. It does for me but everyone is different

I’m A hits mostly …lol…and slim next to zero Ascension drops…my last 5 star finalized was Lady Loki…Thanks :+1::cherry_blossom:

That’s the game right! If it dropped a 4* every time there would be no challenge :joy:

I can go weeks of nothing and then get a flourish. I got 2 yesterday (1 Titan, 1 from Raid chest…which is very rare for me) and then I go A+ on a 13* and get nothing. Thems the breaks I guess!

Alkashard farming is just another chance at landing something so since I’m like you and have piles of 5* sat waiting you just have to be patient and catch what you can.

Nice !!! Congrats … you’ve hit the super jackpot !! Dry spell here …ha ha

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