Remove/change additional +20% attack for defence team

Really good idea. Many changes that were made in the game more than one year ago require attention and updating now

I really don’t see the point. I do well enough to stay in low diamond. If they changed the defense advantage I might win more raids, but my defense would most likely lose more. Leaving me in … low diamond. :woman_shrugging:

Same with war. Such a change that benefits my offense would also weaken my defense.

Ability to use non-mono commands for example.

My usually level 2600+ cups - that’s not a problem.

So for war and raids nothing will be changed in total, but you will have little more options. And how wrote giZm0_o - the more difference between defence command and attack command, the more difference in this secret bonus.

Absolutely can’t get rid of the bonus. Raid wins for people with good heroes would be 98%+ and it would kill the raiding scene.

The problem lies with the emblems. Some effective counters will be at 0 emblems and it’s when you bring them that the fight sometimes can feel a bit unfair. Sometimes I wish they had never introduced them in the game, it really kills diversity. Alternatives would have been to have an 100% increased drop rate or no food/iron cost so that the reset tokens actually would have some value.


The bonus or some sort of prop is almost necessary in high diamond. The issue is for players who don’t have as deep and strong a roster to create attacks that are of similar power to the defenses. My raid winrate is well above 80 percent right now sustained over a couple months. But for players with limited depth it can be very frustrating. Telluria certainly has increased the effect of the initial board.

I agree. Though i think the issue lies in the fact that heroes are tied to their specific emblem coins to level up. Which means if i want an emblemed strength Heimdall for my defense team, now i can’t use any other of my paladins. It restricts who you can play competitively and for players with weaker benches, they may not have the ability to chose other heroes.

I think the best solution is to keep emblem paths and abilities (since i like that aspect) BUT get rid of emblem specific coins (rogue coins, Druid coins, etc.) and replace it with a generic emblem coin in which it can apply to any hero.

That case, if you have a weak bench and found that 3/5 of your only maxed heroes have the same talent, now you can apply ALL of your gained emblems towards whoever

Also, i struggle to emblem up specific heroes yet I have 1,200 barabarian emblems untouched since i don’t have any maxed barabarian heroes

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Just because bonus will be removed/changed? Not sure about it. It has been a long time since I saw someone play with teams of characters of different colors . Not mono, not 3+2 and etc Just 1+1+1+1+1. Why? Emblems?

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In the end, everyone will have heroes with full emblems, and this will not change anything, but only make it worse. Looks like temporary solution. Those who were strong will become even stronger, and the difference between the players will only increase.

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I noticed that AI is maybe smarter. Today titan went straight for Jackal for 3 times out of 3 and with 2 consecutive attacks. Either that or this game is mocking me and making me Rage Quit.

Too bad Autoplay AI is still abysmal. SG, can you improve that one please? Cuz I watched it playing during Challenge Events and man, if Suspicious Chest appears, watching autoplay is worse than watching politics discussing something. Like once stage 3 rare was done in 3 and half minutes because of that.

It would kill it since it would become insanely boring. Where’s the excitement in winning if you win 49 out of 50 raids? Most would do it but it would feel even more like a chore. And if it stops being fun more people will quit.

This thread or issue has little to do with mono or all colors and should be discussed in another thread. The only relevance is that mono is best when you are too weak for your opponent and with the defense bonus in place more people reach the ceiling for when they should stop raiding unless they are willing to let their win percentage go down.

Raiding with all colors is just fine, with or without emblems. You just shouldn’t try to fight opponents that are more than ~5% stronger than you.

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I know of only one person who raids rainbow. I dont know what his success rate is. People raid with color stacks to increase success rate. You can choose to raid whatever strategy you want. But a tank that is beefy and stalls your mana tends to not be the best place to need more than 2 colors of tiles to charge up to fire heroes unless you don’t care if the tank fires

I agree it’s likely just confirmation bias, but MANY MANY times this happens…to the point where the charged “important hero” on my team gets hit with a special, multiple slash attacks, and then JUST enough minion hits to kill them. It’s ALL THE TIME for me. Still, it could be just dumb luck and I remember those numerous times and forget about the times where they hit “wrong” heroes of mine.

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Evening all. This might be off topic but would be very helpful if someone knows the answer. Is the 20% buff to enemies added in wars? It feels like Tell is easier to kill in war than in raids. I have no problem with the def buff as I also get it when someone attacks me.

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Yes, it applies to wars too.

They will not improve that because loot tickets already exists.

Jackal, Wu Kong, Tarlak, healers and etc - A.I. know who must die first :slight_smile: I look at this absolute each raid and titan over year. Especially often A.I. finish off the hero with low health just because can (players for this must seek shields on board)

War, raids, tournaments and etc - absolute all DEFENCE TEAMS in EaP have hidden from players +20% attack. Nothing indicate it in the game

So why they do it? Because defence team by default have privilegie - +20% attack, can hit any your hero w/o needing to seek shields on board, gain mana from ANY color shield + gain mana each move. The same command in attack and defence it’s not the same - defence team more powerful

Thank you very much.

We already have it after Telluria was released - game in diamond arena became boring because every day I fight only with Telluria. In my opinion buff to attack not must be the same for each arena - many beginners leave game because 1.They do not understand why in defence command with the same power is more powerfull, they are very dependent on the board - from star player have “hardcore” gameplay 2.On low arenas where are many high level players now

Winrate in this case will be less than for 3+2 for example. In defence even equal command stronger by default. Therefore players must take more hero of one color for increasing of chances

Why do you use mono teams?

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