Remove/change additional +20% attack for defence team


All we know what defence team has +20% to attack by default. It’s not indicated in the game, but it’s fact. As I right remember SGG argued it with something like “human more smart and defence team must have privilegie”. So, for example, my GM in attack make burning damage 203 and the same GM with the same parameters in defence team make burning damage 243. Cool, right? In my opinion maybe 2 years ago it had any sense, but not now anymore (especially after Telluria’s release). For this 2 years AI of game (PVE) become more “smart” - they CAN and DO HIT exactly those opponents who are needed, while the player must seek for combinations of shields on the board in order to inflict at least some damage. Of course, board can be on your side (lucky board), But after the release of Telluria, the player’s dependence on the board became too big.
So maybe it’s time to remove or change this defense team privilege? I saw similar topic in past, but can’t find it now.


That would be too easy without this bonus, If change anything I would add more power for defense teams. We can’t remove this bonus because one hero is too strong (teluria) nerf her or remove from the game stop seeking the problem around SHE is always the problem and people looking for answer everywhere but not her…


I have already come to terms with the fact that the SGG does not plan to solve this problem, but that does not mean that there is no need to do anything at all. This aspect of the game, which has not changed for more than two years, requires a analysis and changes

The problem is you point AI is “smart” now but SGG continue to say it isn’t and they didn’t change anything also most players tend to agree with them and so they won’t change anything with it.

I don’t know what SGG says (I haven’t seen helpful answers from them for a long time), but I’ve noticed that the opponents are hitting exactly where they should be for a very long time. I won’t lose anything even if SGG ignores this post. To begin with, they could at least indicate in the game about this privilege.

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Raids are already relatively easy to win. If they removed the defense team bonus, I could see winning nearly 100% of raids, except for the occasional string of horrible boards in the same raid.


With good board - of course, but the player’s dependence on the board is too big

I posted this in another thread. No board is so bad that you can’t win…


A “good board” is not just what you get in the beginning of raid
P.S. I do not play mono


Which is why I said “a string of horrible boards in the same raid.”

I already win over 80% of my raids (in high diamond). Making it easier would be no fun. It would be like farming 8-7, just another chore.

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It’s just a problem of players which play mono. Yes, it’s more simple, but not fun for me.

Well, but the boards are the same for everybody of us. there are good boards, there are bad boards.
So in tournaments are wars, I think it is balanced for every one of us.

If you win at least 80% of your raids, there is no problem to fill two of your raid chests a day.

Therefore, I am not sure what a reduction or removal of the def bonus should be good for?
Maybe to have an easy peasy run through the raids and spend less time on the game, but that couldn’t be the goal of SG…

For example, the ability to play more teams of more than one color. I did not say that the players are not equal - I said that the defense team is obviously stronger and for some reason nothing is written about this in the game. Why?
Yes, most players have adapted over the years to play with teams of one or two colors in order to have a higher chance of winning, but they also become more dependent on the board.

Yeah. Based on the thread title, OP wants to change the unwritten stat bonus from +20% to either its removal or something lower, which will result to raiding ain’t more challenging and fun anymore because of the lack of defense bonus inherent in the current meta favoring the defense as manipulated by the A.I. It’s like saying that the player is less intelligent than the A.I., thus warranting for the removal or reduction of the inherent stat bonus of the defense.

You can read much more in the topic itself :slight_smile:

Still the same, for you, AI is smarter than the player, thus needing the removal of the stat bonus on defense.

Facing teams of tp 100 to 500 higher than mine in diamond I get a win rate of 60-70% on a bad day around 80% on an average day and 90%+ on a good day using mono teams of all colors as well as my 3/2 anti tel team. Without that attack defense bonus it would not be a challenge at all.

Regarding the AI i notice it too sometimes - a special followed by a slash that kills my hero who was about to fire. I notice it because it’s so important and it changes the match for me. All the other times when ai does stupid stuff it just goes under the radar.

I’d actually prefer a smarter ai. Make it more challenging and maybe make rewards a bit better to compensate

Part of the problem is the combination of full emblemed heroes, stat boosts from costumes and the mentioned 20% boost.

I assume that win ratios went down while the Emblem-Levels grew. But now Diamond Arena above 2500 trophies mostly consists of defenses between +18 and 20 and troop lvl 17+ and people more and more get a deeper bench of emblemed heroes for attack as well.

So the ratio is growing again for raids and also the war scores in top 100 war meta.

I agree that it would have been better to adjust the defense bonus according to the Teampower because it takes more time to emblem 10 Heroes or more then it takes to emblem 5 heroes for defense.

You will notice a difference if your attacking team has a teampower of 4500 against a 4700 defense compared to a 4100 team.

So it is more about individual power boost of heroes through emblems. To balance this they should either make it easier to obtain a large amount of emblems fast or make the defense-bonus dynamic.


Those are the overall emblems i used since the release, i assume that players in Top50 alliances have around 2k Emblems in each class. So that makes a huge difference when raiding.


Wrong. A.I. has more options compared to the player. Not smarter than player

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Good luck :slight_smile: I prefer an adequate explanation without empty assumptions.


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