Remove cap for amount of feeders for troops

I understand limiting feeders to 10 at a time for heroes because of the special increase factor. But why are we limited to only using 10 feeder troops for leveling? There doesn’t seem to be any logical reason other than it was copied from leveling heroes. Can you please just remove this limit since it serves no real purpose? Thanks. :slight_smile:

How often do you feed your troops with many more than 10?

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I do it frequently - usually 14-16.

Technically never since I’m limited to 10 :rofl: But I usually save up for when I have enough to get to the next level them blitz through it… 10 at a time.


Voted. Besides, you spend less food.

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I would manage it too sometimes @Olmor. I like to get a whole level finished if possible to get some kind of tiny tangible improvement.


Here’s my yellow queue, just as an example. I’m sure there are people who with a lot more.


Really do agree with this. When you have tons of ham, I often go in and feed off all those 1* troops. Sometimes 20 at a time. There is no real logic to limiting the numbers


Out of votes but take this +1


Also make the barracks bit more useful like being to lock and unlock troops in the barracks instead of in the satchel!

There is logic. It costs less ham if they let you do more than 10. It’s in the plan intentionally.


I’d rather they allowed off-color troops feeding like for feeding heroes with the same reduced rate for off-color.


And it is a potentially massive savings if you finally get that mana troop and have enough feeders to get to level 11 or 17 or whatever in a single shot.

That said, I don’t see the harm in relaxing the limit, but there should be some limit beyond that imposed by maximum food storage.

You can just click on the individual troop. I do it all the time.

When I go barracks I can level up a troop not lock or unlock them.
How do you do it, Am I missing somthang? as I have to go the satchel to lock or unlock?

Did you click another troop? Can be locked, yes.

Should click on “?”

Thanks that works!

20 troops!

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