Remove buildings!

Please implement/include the option to sell or even simply demolish unwanted and unnecessary buildings. I’m so sick of my useless second forge taking up space!

Incidentally, I feel like it would be good if players could raid or take revenge on another regardless of whether or not they’re currently online. Basically for the defending party could be online while getting raided and even spectate, but not interfere. One would have to watch and learn from the way their defending team automatically fights the battle

There is only space for the buildings you are allowed. You can’t build too many of anything and empty space can’t be filled with more of what you want.

So apart from looking at the icon of a forge, you are losing nothing of substance or value.

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This is true of the top 100. Personally, I’m glad I can’t drop cups while I’m waiting to cross the loot tier (second diamond chest today :grinning:…with potent leaves :unamused:)

Lots of folk have requested live viewing of wars, which would be awesome.

Not sure if that would cause the servers to burn out!

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Probably the servers will collapse :joy:

However, if we can review the video of post battles, let’s say revenge on us would be good. Or review again our raidson others. :blush:

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It’s not necessarily about that for me. Even though it’s still not practical in any way for it to just exist, the fact is I paid for it and built it and then later realized I didn’t want or need it. To me it seems like a no brainer that I should at least be able to throw it away, even if there’s nothing like a refund (although I assume that would be lucrative). I’m trying to discuss adding something progressive to the game, so it’s really unhelpful for you to chalk it up to first world problems when we’re already talking about a freemium mobile videogame for pete’s sake

So far I’ve neglected to mention the population of people with just about any degree of OCD, who could actually benefit from this change. Such a small thing may be the difference between a relaxing experience and a frustrating one for some people…so I’m sure it would be welcomed if not genuinely and thoroughly appreciated by the community, however pointless the addition could appear to some.

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This is a much better solution than mine! Great ideas

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Are you saying that an empty spot in your base wouldnt bother you as much as an empty building? Just curious since i think the empty spot would bother me more

The feature is designed to prevent new players making ill-informed choices early on that have a detrimental effects later on. Some may realize later that destroying a building, such as a forge, is a bad decision, for instance if you need to produce multiple high-level items during an event.

The base building aspect of a game is really a pace-maker rather than a significant aspect of the tactical experience as we all end up with the same bases.

Given that there are so many uneven struggles with random pulls and material drops, I would anticipate that E&P would already be a very unattractive experience for suffers of OCD and the building issue is a long way down the list of frustrations.

But I will remove the first world problems reference.

Just out of interest, are you aware that all your buildings can be re-arranged? Perhaps you can put the forge where it is out of sight?


Well no because I like to be very corny and pretend it’s a real place so I arrange things in a realistic way. I imagine that within the world there’s a specific reason for the use and location of a given building, and I even think of stuff like recruits living in the little houses and getting up early to go to the training ground :joy:

But anyways it’s a good enough point you make, everyone is nitpicky in their own way


Fair enough, your points are well taken. Thanks for informing me too

And yes I have discovered endless rearranging, I’ve been having a ball lol! I guess I’ll just shove my crafting thing in a corner for later, hopefully I’ll find a use for it in the future… thanks for the tips!

Makes sense. You’re not the first to make the “delete a building” request though. It’s been discussed before but i believe the number of buildings we have will play a role in the future as well when we can convert to more buildings than just a barracks

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I agree whole heartedly. The ability to sell back, or even just demolish a building so you can replace it with another seems to be common sense. It’s easy for a new player to enthusiastically over build farms and mines and misjudge ratios of needed storage buildings later in the game. Just being able to bomb a couple of buildings would solve a lot of my headaches.

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The ability to sell back, or even just demolish a building so you can replace it with another seems to be common sense. It’s easy for a new player to enthusiastically over build farms and mines and misjudge ratios of needed storage buildings later in the game. Just being able to bomb a couple of buildings would solve a lot of my headaches.

This isn’t really an issue at all later in the game. You have a limited number of building spots, and there are a fixed number of each building that you can put on the board. You can never have more storage buildings than the maximum number, all you can do is level them up faster.

Eventually you can convert to advanced buildings, but that still won’t turn a Mine into Advanced Storage, it will just become an Advanced Mine.

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It’s a little disappointing that the response to an issue that is a problem for me is to tell me it’s not really a problem. Yes, it is a problem, or it wouldn’t be imparting my game play. I’ll bet if you guys added the code to allow players to demolish a building, it would be a feature that would get use.all my building slots are full, and I really need one more of each storage, to be able to hold the quantities of recourses needed to build and research advanced buildings and their techs… thanks for responding though. Maybe a few more yes votes on the thread will convince you the idea has merit

For me and all of my allies the number of the different buildings arte perfectly balanced.
If you mean you got too many forges… fine. level yourself up and convert it into barracks.

You are overthinking this.
Everybody has the exact same builindings they can make. If you now think you have too many farms or mines, stop levelling them for now and focus on something else. You will be needing them eventually. Destroying buildings to find out you will need them later is not the best idea :wink:

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The issue you have isn’t actually demolishing buildings, and I should’ve been more clear in my response.

Your issue is that you have a fixed allotment of buildings.You want less production, and more storage. As the game is, If you were allowed to demolish a mine or farm you couldn’t build a storage building in it’s place.

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