Remove “Attack In War” from Path of Valor until matchmaking has been fixed

Due to the matchmaking fiasco where many alliances have been unfairly matched against stronger opponents, the PoV challenge Attack In Wars should be removed until the matchmaking issue has been remedied.


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llevamos 6 guerras con emparejamientos injustos pero esta se pasaron nos dieron rivales en su mayoria 4k mientras nostros somos apenas 3 en puntuación global de alianza lleva 25000 mas que nosotros. esto empeoró con las ultimas actualizaciones decidimos no dar ni un tiro en guerra

We have been in 6 wars with unfair pairings but this one happened, they gave us rivals in their majority 4k while we are only 3 in global alliance score, they have 25,000 more than us. this got worse with the last updates we decided not to give a shot in war

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You only need to attack not win the raids. Do you have people not hitting because they aren’t doing well?


Kicker11 is correct, why should it be removed if all that is required is participation in war, not winning the war? And considering we are already almost half-way into PoV, how do you propose the devs do that??


I like that it´s “attack xx times” instead of winning :slight_smile: I wish Titan requirements for Path of Valor was that too.

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My suggestion was meant for wars, not raids. I know it’s a choice and I can opt out of wars and/or not complete that portion of PoV.

For me, I purchase the PoV Pass and I always aim to complete PoV. With the current structure of matchmaking, I am not enjoying wars at all. If there wasn’t a PoV challenge, then I would be opting out.

There has to be others out there who are feeling the same way that I do. I feel compelled to war because that challenge offers a huge amount of valor points just for showing up.

It’s not about winning the wars, it’s just that wars have been extremely frustrating. I am asking for future PoV as I don’t think this issue is going to be resolved anytime soon.

I feel the same way with titans.

Overall, I do make a conscious choice to participate. Yes, that is on me. However, I am of the belief that since the mechanisms of matchmaking is broken and we shouldn’t have the war challenge until the issue is resolved. The reason I created this post was to bring one side of the argument to the developers attention.

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I understand where you are coming from. I am frustrated about Path of Valor too in its current stage. I wish all of the goals in it were possible to reach through solo play.

I understand that Empires and Puzzles is a social game, I do. I understand how some of the “goals” there requires for you to have progressed through the game - such as completely Season III stages etc.

But right now, I actually find myself in an Alliance I very much dislike. There are two players, that are nice and communicates, but aside from that it´s inactive, and I carry a lot of weight, leader is basically invisble, over half do not participate in Titan hits, or use their flags during War, even though they are signed in, etc.

But I remain there to hopefully complete Path of Valor, since I paid for it, after all. I guess the best thing would be to make peace with not finishing that Path of Valor aspect though.

They do switch the titan on the pov some time it’s hit some time it’s on star rating.
Leave the war as it is there no issue also @Gwniver if you unhappy in your alliance got spots in mine :wink: looking for new players easy rules to follow its a training alliance.

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I see your issue now, in my alliance we have been matched pretty well in wars. Win some lose some which is probably what the game wants. It does help to have a good alliance.


You can switch alliances and still beat Path of Valor. Might be worth looking around. Not to self promote but hipster squad has a good mix of experienced and learning. If you can use your flags you could fit right in.

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I consider the “attack in wars” as free POV points. You don’t have to win, don’t have to use specific heroes, don’t have to craft items your buildings may not be ready for. It is just free points for almost everyone.

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