🕐 REMINDER: (Most) Americans & Canadians — Don't Forget Daylight Savings Begins 2am on Sunday, March 8, 2020

For most of the US and Canada, it’s time for our biannual tradition of screwing with our heads and circadian rhythms.

Last time, when Daylight Savings ended, I said that the plus side was that Class Trials, Atlantis Rises, Raid Tournaments, and Challenge Events will start an hour earlier, so they wouldn’t be as late to stay up for.

So I guess the plus side now as they shift an hour later is that they may be late enough for you to just go to sleep and wait until the next day.


Canadians, too

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Australians (some) DST is ending :stuck_out_tongue: so the opposite problem to y’all


Updated, thanks! :heart_decoration:

I just found this thread. Crap!!!