Remember When

This is for all you geezers out there. Remember when life was so much simpler? Back when we used to be able to buy a soda for 60 cents from the machine at school (this dates me in high school)? Heck, remember when you could buy a soda in school? Take a moment to reminisce on those good times in this game.

I remember getting my first 4* healer. And man it took a while. She came from my tc20. Yes I said she - Sabina. The game just kept giving me hitters. Scarlet. Sonya. Chao. Tiberius. But no healer. 1* mana potions were my savior - that and Friar Tuck and Gunner, the best I had to offer. Still believe I beat the Dark Lord without a healer.

Your turn. What do you recall from those good old days?


Ahhhh… the good ‘ol days. I remember a naive young player who saved his gems and earned times and would do multiple pulls thinking it’s gotta give better odds. And lemme tell ya I went on a roll of epic proportions. I will show after the text. It was a simpler time then when my simple brain didn’t realize exactly what he was getting himself into. Wow if I could back and do it all over again I wouldn’t put so much emphasis on the legendary characters. But in hindsight we r finally starting to max some and all should end up well. Lately I don’t worry about pulls. I just reminisce on the days of yore.


I remember when I was desperate for a healer. I couldn’t even get Hawkmoon.

High point was getting Wu Kong but it took a year!

Life was simpler back then. Then the wars came … hardship took over :open_mouth:


Is it better to use a all same color or I of ea?im only level 28 buy have 6 teams with 3 to 5 stars. Any help would be greatly appreciated. catWar100 username

@CatWar100 I think you’re in the wrong thread but I’ll answer you as I remember back in those days. When you first start out, often you defense team is also your best offensive team. As you move along and build a bench, this changes. Frequently, a color stack is more powerful than a rainbow attack, taking into account specials in addition to color. I often attack with a 3-2 color stack. It depends on the defense I face, but it’s usually 3 against the tank (center defender) and two against one of the flanks (person right next to them) - I pick which one I want to kill first or which hero combination I like better.


I remember when there wasn’t enough to do on the game so I was happy to get another tablet and start another game.

Oh, the good old days when I actually had a life outside of E & P :smile:


i remember when i was such a naive and pulled wu and sonya on the same day and they were my first 4* i was so happy and when i read Wu’s skill i was like what the hell do i want with a hero who would let me miss so i feed him to sonya along my fully leveled Bane, and after my first couple of raids (i faced Wu) i realized that i made a big mistake and it took me months to get another one


My favorite memory was “pick the enemy you need to kill; fire Harmonic Slam; move on.” When Harmonic Slam no longer did the trick, I got the same result with Dance of Fire for a while. (Kelile was my first four-star.) What would October/November 2018 me have thought about my new Ruler of Seas trick? :laughing:


I remember when I was just a fledgling EnP’er, a time when I did not immediately lock Epic and Legendary Heroes. Then one day I fed Wu King to Justice instead of Hou. They look almost identical and I would feed 3⭐️ heroes to my Epics and Legendaries all the time so I breezed by the warning too. That will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!!

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Remember when raid shields were going to destroy the game? And the top 100 players would buy them by the boat load and become untouchable for ever and ever?


Thank you so much I’ve been killing other teams heros so much easier Can I Ask your Can I Also Ask You Advice on 3 more things 1…Healer vs strengh whats better? Cur. I Have 5. 4 star healers 2 green Melnors and 2 green. Kashhechs plus 1 red healtusk but I also have 2 - 5 star and 1 4 star players that are just power 1 Red Elnor, and 1 blue Isiarina. And lastl 1 4 star red Falcon Guardian at 60 power my problem is I only have 3 shields for my 2 Green Melnors … each need 4 to assend. Then theres my red problem My Red Falcon can assand for his last assention but I only have 5 hidden Blades that have taken forever to get I’m only at level 28 so assention items are hard to come by and my Red Elnor also uses hidden blades for her 3rd assention so what ones should I assend at this point? Elnor is almost same strength as My Garsian he is 550 ahe ia 545 he is max special ahe is level5 for special. My watchtower and stronghold are only level16 and I’m trying to keep 6 teams for wars one of each color to be able to pick whos best to beat teams im facing . whats beat for me for now??

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I remember that my first ever 4* hero was Chao. He saved my ■■■ many times. Then on the first day that Domitia came out I got her. On the same day I got my first 4* troops and they were purple as well. It is like million years ago. I think it was October 2017. I also remember never to forget playing. I have not missed a single day since 10.9.2017. I also remember very well what a pain it was to watch others doing big titan hits with Wu Kong when I have not got one. I wanted him so much… I have to laugh now because I absolutely hate him, thank SG for Ranvir.


I remember my first x10 pull when RNGesus blessed me with Magni, Joon and Justice in one fell swoop, and I thougt “Wow, from now on I’m gonna do only x10 pulls if these are the rewards”. Ah, those were the times when I felt lucky and invincible…


Much like @princess1, I have been running my early game without a dependable healer… Sharan and Sha Ji just can’t heal enough (or rather, survive long enough and I cannot get my hands on Hawkmoon or Belith to replace them. Then Melendor came on a summon token. Didn’t get Hawkmoon/Belith until after I finally started TC13, but by then, they are no longer essential.

Also for the longest time then I couldn’t get my hands on any 4* Blue / Purple and had to run with Ulmer and Prisca. Didn’t pull Grimm until TC20 “after” I got Isarnia, pulled Cyprian (first 4* purple) from a TC13 “after” I started a TC20.


To keep with the theme of this thread, I’ll answer while reminiscing on similar problems.

I remember using an EHT and getting one of my first 5* heroes - Gravemaker. I didn’t realize the treat I had. But do I level him or not? I didn’t have rings! Good advice I received was to focus on 4* if I did not have 4* ascension material. In general, a 4.70 4* is better than a 3.70 5*. So once I got more rings, I focused on Gravemaker. A lack of 3* ascension material is a problem early in the game, but that goes away. With events, wars, and higher leveled titans, you eventually will get a surplus of 3* ascension material like hidden blades. The 4* though, we’ll thats a different story.

While waiting for rings to give my darling Gravemaker, I was able to level up my 4* boldtusk. He is excellent and I still use him to this day. It’s good to have a blend of hitters and attackers to build a bench. Personally, I prefer different heroes than duplicates of the same one - while I have duplicates, none are leveled.


I remember the first time I met Balthazar and he kicked my a@#. I was so happy the day I pulled one. Then when I started Season Two Agwe was devastating and I wanted him so bad. I have two now and they only see the light of day in my fifth war team.

Who were the early heroes you were in awe of?


Kashrek. Couldn’t best a Kash tank for months it seemed. Now, he’s easily defeated.


Every 4* healer (and Belith, for that matter) — I went roughly 5 months without any healers other than Hawkmoon when I started playing.

Of course I still get a ton of use out of 4* healers…and have 20 of them maxed now, so they’re not shelved in the way Balthazar and Agwe were for you.


Same here. My first and only healer was Tarlak. Took months to get even a 3 star healer. I had to relearn how to play the game. Patience was not something I had in my toolbox.

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I remember when I started two heroes stood out to me in particular when I started raiding against 4* heroes & 5* ones…

One was skittleskull :stuck_out_tongue: thought she was amazing & an absolute Pain in the ■■■…

The other when I started seeing 5* heroes was Horghall :rofl: