Remember. This is just a game

Congrats! I am unable to do it.

That’s true for me too. Never. Mobile game are farming game, boring game. I would have never play such game on console or pc.

It would be the witcher serie on pc for me. So coooooool


It does! I’ve been out for a few months now and tbh, at first I couldn’t believe how much time I had on my hands. The amount of daily hours I spent in Empires was pretty up there, considering it is just a game. Friends, family and colleagues all commented how I wasn’t forever reaching for my phone every 5 minutes after I quit the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not that unpopular to me :smile:

Truly, after playing some 12-13 flags of Ninja tower I can really do without it. It would take me two-three whole events to get one … ONE … summons. So NOT WORTH IT.


I blame POV.

Depending on rosters,
resources and crafting access,
Some players like @Boolz_San_CK can probably knock out 90% of the game content faster than 90% of the population.

So, like yesterday… after clicking through 3 or 4 different advertisements to buy crap, I wasn’t overly excited to click on mystic vision.
Then there is a trial. And raid flags. And an event. And war. And tournament. And titan. And POV wants me to do some S3 levels. And POV also wants me to keep checking for ducks.
And then also I’m knee-deep in leveling a crop of heroes. Emptying a TC2 that’s got over 1,000 feeders in it, because I’m running out of back packs.
That’s not exactly an enjoyable shuffle… unloading my TC 20, for ham so I can dump this TC2 and get these 5*'s. Oh finally there’s those ^^^^^^^ ducks!

The amount of demand / time drain has increased! It was not like this 2 years ago…

Yeah… it’s less fun and definitely more like a job that’s taking money away. Costing time.

But POV has good rewards! I’d rather go for 4* mats than trial emblems.
So… now I’m asking myself, what I don’t want to do! What I can skip…

Once you start down that road… how long before you just skip logging on?..

This game used to be casual. That was a selling point for me. It’s cool that there’s more content. And this tower is kind of fun. But man. I also, am finding it all a bit tiring


I’ve been here for over three years now.

I started playing this game several months after losing my ability to walk. I needed something that was a good time waster, and I could use as stress relief, and a game like this was perfect for that.

Back then events hadn’t started, there were no wars, s1 heroes were the top of the heap, titans only reached 10*, and there wasn’t a whole lot to do aside from grind

Three years later, and I feel like it’s a job to play the game. The part I hated most 2.5 years ago (recruiting) is my favorite part now. The game has lost a lot of appeal, but the people haven’t.

I feel like there’s a good balance somewhere out there, but if they don’t work towards that soon I think we’ll see a much larger exodus than we already have.


Question: Is there REALLY someone or something compelling you to finish every quest, level, stage, season, map, or any other event?

Answer: NONE !!

I remembered when I started playing this game on the last months playing Pokemon Go. Back then, it was only Season 1 and I was still struggling to finish all the stages of all the maps until I finally did it. It was boring after you have completed the first season maps and stages and nothing more challenging to do. Some Quests are repetitive and only doing the important ones like the gems quests. Some players try to challenge themselves by fighting the last boss with only 3 heroes and without using any battle items.

Those were the days. I can’t remember whether alliance wars was already implemented this time or when the new season began. But back then, wars were meh. We didnt even have war chests, a source of some frustration to some players. Until we requested for new content. This was Season 2. Players were appreciative of the new season and its new content and its new heroes. Until everyone finished it again. It got boring while some players try to finish its Avatar Missions, including me. Still, players wanted new more contents. SG gave them: Atlantis Rising, Class Trial Quests, Wonderland (this was the latest addition of the special challenge events), Season 3, Path of Valor, Tavern of Legends, advanced structures (Advanced House, Advanced Farms, Advanced Mines, Advance Iron and Food Storages, Hunter’s Lodge, Alchemy Lab, and Hero Academy) and now Ninja Tower.

We now have more content than we could wish to finish or engage even. Too much stuff that everything is not anymore play but more on a payless job, absent any real incentive.

In the end, SG cannot really satisfy everyone. So, to those complaining about a lot of stuff, if you plan to quit, please etch your memories here: Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI] (I love leaving this thread everywhere where I see a lot of complaints LMAO).


On a fine day in August 2017, I was bored with Austin and his red-haired girlfriend. Then this E&P advertisement came in the other game and I thought to myself, I’d try it - and was immediately captivated and fascinated.

And as it happened, I put a lot of money into it at the beginning. I did that until around April 2019 and I got more and more bored with the game.

I also found a new hobby by starting to write a book. Since then I’ve only have VIP and maybe buy the pass. Not more. Oh and the 30 Gems offer for Alliance mates. I love that one.

I’ve long since stopped chasing new heroes because it doesn’t work and it’s frustrating. Startet leveling what i had. For this I expanded my defensive and maxed the troops.

Now I only play just for fun. I can’t remember the last time I farmed 8-7. I only play Season 3 because of the avatars I love so much. Should the game perish at some point and it will if it continues like this, then that was it for me with mobile games.

A complete Tomb Raider collection is waiting for me. In addition, there is still my book, which I only write in my free time …


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Love this reply. :joy:

20 laughs


As you said at the beginning of your post: Noone have to go through all the events and challenges.

We can pick and choose to have as long gameplay as we want.

I think, we got a kind of a bad habit to complete every mode provided by the game. Maybe it was because of extra ascension items that most of us need and that new modes provided… I don’t know. Anyway, it’s time to rethink an attitude to the game.

For me this game is “match three” first of all. I can choose several modes (say, titan, AW, couple of raids) to enjoy playing boards. If I feel that I had enough, I ignore the rest of content. Ninja tower is not for me, so I won’t even try to reach it’s top.

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At it’s core it’s a match 3. Lots of bells and whistles but like I think Rigs said, over complex candy crush. I’ve been a console, pc games since way back and I can’t understand dumping money into a mobile game . I remember when Dlc became a thing on games new maps for FPS or add on stories etc. How even those games like CoD etc are full of micro trans. Hell fortnite and other games are now free and they make rings on micro transactions. It’s sad but it’s how things are going. I mentioned to alliance today I want finishing NT which is first time I quit something by choice not from ability and I said it’s not worth the few emblems and he mentioned the few you get on each level. I said not worth it and hec replied then by that logic nothing in game is worth it. Not true I can get mats from the weekly rate quests. I get mats from events, Titans, coins for a few pulls. I have almost 80 keys saved. But the NT would take years to get that equivalent.

I have all s1 heroes except marjana who I really want now w costume (thorne , quintus are missing to but IDC) and they all came from tc20. My summons led to 1 joon and mitsuko plus grimble on a single coin pull. Same from other 2 single pulls. I’ve done 10x got nothing. It’s boring I’m actually leveling obakan cause I’m bored.

Luckily I’m on beta so I get to play with toys I’ll never get in real game and also see how bad the odds are with the free gems doing 10x pulls. Idk I used to love this but right around emblem release I to my old alliance this was start off the end. Sure enough I think I was right.

SG went for a mid core game as per their words but I don’t think they thought about how to balance older players while bringing in new ones. They’re making it up as they go. You can see it just by looking at puzzle combat, their other game. Odds still stick but it’s got better balance and has the advantage of 3 years of EP knowledge to start at a better place.

NT is basically SG telling you that if you aren’t paying you aren’t worth their time. I mean after nearly 3 years why can’t I trade my dupes direct for a hero. HA was so hyped yet it’s a fail. Yes I’m building it and it’s at l9 but I don’t expect much. Gladly tc20 was nice I have every s1 plus dupes of lianna, Joon, Magni and others but no marjana and I recall when I would have killed for just one of them now I have dupes…lol. but what good are they.

Anyhow that’s my take. Frustration at the lack of care as they take in millions on a game. That’s great and good for them but can’t you give back to community that lived you at one point?

Ati2d, I have to disagree. First of all, you don’t have to do anything or just pick a few things that you like. So leave the other things to those of us who like variety. I also don’t know how you know that all these older players left…do you know them personally? Thanks, SG, you are doing a great job.


You’re right, it IS just a game, but seem to miss that fact with your post. I only made it to Lvl6 on Ninja Tower due to the fact I was power levelling a couple heroes & getting more Real Life work than usual. I don’t care WHAT SG adds to the game, as long as it’s not required for other elements of the game. I’ve ever only completed the 3* tier on Challenge events & do 1 stage each for the 3 and 4* tiers (if I have time). I play the way I like, focusing on Wars, mainly, and only do the other stuff if I have nothing better to do. It’s only a game! An exceedingly FUN game, but just a game. Don’t make it work for yourself and you’ll continue to have fun. As my mentor always says “If ya ain’t having fun, ya ain’t doing it right!”

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I think this game was rather boring 2 years ago when I started playing. It was like a week between tiny tasks such as rare events, challenge events and the Atlantis portal which wasn’t even an event by then.
Now the schedule is packed indeed, but it’s still an option to skip out on stuff you don’t care for much and focus on what’s important to you. If there’s no joy in new content then it’s probably way due to move on to something else, but to raise a voice against new game content just seems weird. It’s not as if the game could or should stop evolving because compulsive players are being challenged.
Loosely refering to the ”Bubbles”-reply who had three accounts and now doesn’t have time… how is it not better to have just one account and be satisfied with that?
Keep adding new content SG! The Ninja tower was a decent challenge, it wasn’t expensive to complete and the bounty was great. Whiners will whine :roll_eyes:

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I think the Ninja Tower is a jump-the-shark moment for the game.

It only awards a single token when you win a level. And by the time I was at level 13 or 14 (I don’t remember), I had lost all of my favorite and effective heroes.

They could not have made a more boring quest if they tried.

I am playing the game from November 2018, recently I have reached the goal to ascent and fullfil my first team to level 20 talents. It was a fun ride with the ups and downs. The only thing that is disappointing is that in the events you realize how far is the top 1000 places from an ordinary player like me…

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Yes, defence teams only really matter for wars.
No matter how strong the DT is ,without war rules they are easily beaten in raids.

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It’s because regardless of team power you have to blitz the enemy using lots of top end expensive battle items to get a good score… Another SG tactic to make money… its a pay to win game.

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I kinda disagree… I’m not 4700 TP player, I started playing half a year ago and I like new quests and challenges all the time instead of farming one map over and over again.

I like to battle new heroes and get new rewards even if they are not the best. If you are a powerful player with 3years of experience maybe the game is boring for you since everything is easy and familiar. For me every new event is great, despite not having a possibility to finish it.

There is a list of things that SG needs to improve but lack of content aint it for me.

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