Remember. This is just a game

as of lately, a lot of the OG players have been slowly dieing off. They are getting burnt out of this game and all the new stuff getting incorporated into it. I cant imagine many of the new players are liking it either. There’s just too much going on for a game. Turning a fun past time into a time consuming job. Adding 5 levels to each of the event difficulties, now new events. No time to work on anything. The game is becoming more of a job than a game. Take a step back SG. Stop smashing new stuff into peoples faces. Bring the enjoyment back into the game.


Well said.

I took a few weeks out from a top 100 alliance to evaluate what I wanted from play. I no longer complete chests religiously, only farm AR if I want and play the bits I enjoy.

If fun stops, STOP. It is always best to play for fun there is no need to let it take over your life. You dont need to do all events or quests. Just enjoy what is a well made game and dont worry about being number 1 in the world


I agree.

I used to be soooooo excited any time something new was launched. Now all I can muster is a bone weary sigh. I’m happy for the features but it’s really getting to be a lot.

I hope that after the current features are released, they finally spend some time on QoL updates.


That would be nice. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t hold my breath for that. Hope I’m wrong.


Personally I was happy to hear that ToL has been moved, so I can use those flags elsewhere.

And grateful that the rewards for the tower are so underwhelming that I can’t find myself caring all that much how well I do. The chances I will end up in the top 1000 are so slim, as to not be worth my effort, and after that, where I end up is… not worthy of especial effort.

The fact that NO ONE gets to summon at all in this event without gems/cash is just icing on the cake really.

Edit: it seems that people who complete the tower can do 1 free pull. Congrats in advance for your “free” Dawa lol


I agree this game feels more like a job lately. I have a routine from the moment i wake up to when i fall asleep on what I’m going to be doing that day.

I’ve taken out portions of the game i do not care for. I rarely ever complete map stages (8-7 is all i need) since i hate mindless waves and I rarely attack titans since my anxiety does not like timed events.

At this point I play for raids, war, and leveling up as many heroes as possible which is the most fun aspects of the game for me.


Perfect. Not in a top alliance myself, but I’ve pretty much done what you’ve done. I fill the chests when I can. Don’t really farm much (and still have a bunch of levels to complete in Season 3, normal and hard). I put a lot of time and effort in my defense team but then realized it didn’t matter as much as I thought. I now emblem the heroes I want to play with and don’t care about my defense team as much. Hasn’t hurt me…still solid in diamond. I don’t even care much about finishing the challenge events because frankly the mats aren’t that great even if you do.

That being said, I’m really liking the ninja tower so far. Lol.


Yep. Today I filled my chests, attacked the titan, completed the trials and then used my 10 ninja flags. When finished I felt exactly like when I was a kid and had finished my boring homework. That is not , at all, like a game should feel


To be honest, I am glad I took early retirement to take on this game as a second job.
And again to be honest I have a lot of spare time because of this COVID stuff
But when the restrictions are lifted I will spend less and less time in the house, so all this new stuff in the game will just get left


This exactly for me! I dislike raids so I modestly drop my cups. I do the tourney but only for the PoV requirements.

I stopped doing Legends after the second time. At this point I’ll probably never do Ninja Tower.

I fight the titans but my strong alliance caps them at 10 stars so my battle items can be reserved. Wars are with tough opponents but at least I have the time now to focus on my war teams.

Personally I never try to climb any leaderboard so the game is really just social, and an active hobby for me. I’m content to spend where it adds to the enjoyment for me, ie WE flasks, loot tickets, ascension items but never just for gems as I only summons for costumes or Valhalla.

I realize my experience is very different than other players. I’m not highly competitive, except when wanting to beat my war opponent.



Always a good reminder to have, and I’m going to take a break starting today for that reason. I really don’t think CG respects our time, and it gets more apparent every event. 50 levels, which is ~5 hours of gameplay, and you don’t get a single summon out of it? How is that reasonable in any way? I would think 5 summons would make sense for that amount of investment.

I realize sunk cost is a sizable reason many people continue to play, but if it’s not fun, just at least take a break.


I am F2P and “celebrating” three years of play this month. For those of us that were around way back then (or even before then), can you remember the boredom of the daily drudgery after you completed season 1 and all you had to do was farm enough to complete your base? So, the humor of our current situation is not lost on me. Two years ago the game was pure daily tedium, and now it seems you can’t get through a day without having some special event to participate in. I think that a “happy medium” must be out there somewhere.


I don’t complete every quest. Just titans and wars…stepped back from raiding. I think you just need to pick and choose now what you want out of the game.

You can go to the fair but you dont have to go on every ride…tires out the kids lol


Since Teluria appears, I have lost most of fun with this game.I was very upset against SG but as always I was thinking this new event will bring some fun back. But when I discover details past yesterday I started to get doubt. Every new release of the game bring garbage (Tavern of Legend, Hero Academy, Goblin balloons, Ninja tower.). It makes years we have been asking for QoL improvements in the game but nothing, that does not bring money, right?
EP takes too much time and is perfectible in a lot of aspects:

  • War mtachmaking is awfull for years now and nothing is done to correct this
  • Raid tournament matchmaking is not better. Also attacks on you defense is random. On one event you are attacked 20/30 times and on next one you stay C up to last day because you have not been attacked a sinnle time, worst you are E because of a single attack. You are doing 5 attacks daily as all other players so we should be attacked 5 times daily. That’s as simple as that.
  • Path of Valor, I forgot it in my garbage collection. That’s a ridiculous effort from SG to push us to do war, raid tournamenent and more for a single 4* mat item every two months.
  • Hero roster. One of the worst apescts of this game. When ascending heroes favorite are not hidden. Why? you cannot even remove favorite status when ascending heroes. When looking for ascending some hero whi can we hide fully ascended heroes? Those filters should take less than one day to implement. how is is possible than in 3 years SG has not been able to invest one day in making life easier for millions of payers?

The positive aspect of that is I’m spending less time and no more money on this game. But come on SG, make a small effort to improve your customer life.
The good news (there is alway one with EP) is that after 3 years and a half I finally got my first red 4* mana troop. Just have to wait 3 years more to get the second.


Congrats! But I don’t believe game has been out for 3 and a half years??

Didn’t it launch in early 2017? I started in the August that year (I think) and the game was very much up and running by then.

So it will be nearly 3 1/2 years by now. Time flies when your summoning a few hundred Dawa. Lol


I’m not sure. Hence my question. :sweat_smile:

Well I know it can take forever to get that last 4* troop. Took me two years and 10 months daily play to get my first 4* red critical troop. (My troops only are 100% f2p)


Congrats!! The troops are THE hardest thing to get without breaking the bank.

Now all you need is a billion of ham/feeder troops to max it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



So true about ham/feeder troops. Thankfully, I’m not maxing it. Mana troops all to 29!

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