Remember the Titans? Return of the Titans!

Hey all,

I believe it’s time to bring back the 13* and 14* titans. They were removed months ago due to them being deemed too tough by certain top players and though I agree they were awfully tough they weren’t impossible and I never wanted them removed in the first place.

The way titans are now for us and probably the top 20 alliances are little more than a time waster. We’ve been chaining 12’s since around August and now our only concern is making sure people get enough hits to get rank C before it dies too early. They are zero challenge.

This also has detrimental effects for up and coming alliances because here they are killing 7’s maybe an 8 or 9 but needing to let titans go because they can’t handle them (losing a loot roll) while we’re breezing through the 12’s and getting guaranteed loot rolls every day with no challenge.

It’s time to bring back the challenge and separate the congested top 12 to 15 alliances who cycle through the top of the leaderboard because we’re all just easily chaining titans.

I heard the 13* and 14* star titans are in beta but I have no idea if they’re planning on releasing to alpha soon or not but they really need to.

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I said it from the very start in beta :joy:

Top alliances shouldn’t chain in the first place and should let escape titans sometimes like everyone else.
This way you get the advantage to fightin higher titans, and not even on titan chest and titan loot every single time.

As i said back then, top alliances has forgot that you suppose to not take down every single titan you get.


Forgive my ignorance, I am new. Why shouldn’t you take down every titan. What’s the advantage?

I said the same thing when i found out they were being removed. Far more alliances struggled with rares when they first came out. Know what they did? They passed on them when they couldnt bring them down.

Why top alliances insist that they need to hang at the top titan difficulty day in and day out without passing is beyond me. The game has to have an unreachable ceiling in my opinion. The 13 and 14* should have been that ceiling that gave the top alliances enough of a challenge to have to pass and only take 1 down when they have enough flasks and items stocked like everyone else.

Now they’re squatting on 50 to 100 flasks and even if the 13 and 14* come back they’ll run through them like water and then be sittin at the top again waiting for 15* and 16*. Removing 13 and 14* was one of the dumbest decisions I’ve seen in awhile, pretty smart tactic on top alliance’s part though.

If only the lower alliances could complain enough to get changes that drastic lol must be nice


I didn’t realise they did this… seems counter intuitive to take away the next level. Where’s the aspiration for that facet of the game meant to lie?


Even with 50 or 100 flasks, taking down 13* and 14* is far more demanding even for top players.
14* can literally oneshot every kind of hero (or almost there) so items like timestops are a must.

So there’s not the risk of chain on them right now, but it can be after the class improvement.
But as you said, i don’t understand why we came again at this point with 11* and 12*.

You don’t want to do 13* and 14*? Pass, easy.

You want your alliance to be on top and have flasks and items to spare? Go for it.

This was one of the few topics i was really against top players/alliances in beta.

They were demanding 13* and 14* to be less hard and more rewarding, someone even ask for guaranteed ascension items.

While i agreed on having one more slot of loot for them, all the rest seems to me just pretentious and unfair compared to all the other alliances.


Agreed 100%.

Have you tested on 14* with the heros that have been released since the removal of the higher titans?

13* and 14* never ceased to be in beta, so yes, all beta players can use new heroes against them since then.

The problem is really survive against them without hitting the weak spot, but as class improvement it’s almost like another ascension for all the heroes, that may be overcome with more defence and health.

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Maybe modify the damage and increase the Titan hp so it beatable but also gave a challenge for top alliance

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Can i be a little hard on them this time?
They are quite spoiled in this.
They don’t want to be so hard demanding on items because they want to have more resource for the event.

Guess what? You have to plan and choose.


Lol anyone else gettin the popcorn ready?

Please, don’t bring back higher titans! We’re facing 11* titans and I want to reach the end of the titan terror. It sounds nice, to kill every 12* titan fast and relaxe the rest of the day :man_shrugging:

Hi all, I agree 13 and 14 star titans need to come back now. If alliances like 7 Days Departed are unable to handle them why should the rest of us have to suffer. Maybe they should provide an opt out button for the alliance leader (like Anchor) so they can skip any titan over X stars.