Rematch often picks new opponent

Quite often I’ll attempt a rematch against an opponent and discover that I’m facing a different opponent ( last fight was against viktorus, but on hitting rematch faced #Maumau#, a different player entirely). There is no warning or message indicating the original player is unavailable for any reason, just a redirect to a fight I did not pick.

I had same issue a while back, and for me, the cup count was the culprit. The range is +/- 300 cups, so if you’re battling an opponent +295 cups above you, and you lose and give them 10, they’re now out of your range. EVERYTIME it happened to me I would end up clicking through and end up with the wrong team to attack the next defense.


Yes. This happens all the time with me. This must be fixed. Because it’s really frustrating when you tap rematch button and there are different opponent and as result can’t rematch (especially if lose only because of bad board).

I have noticed on a few occasions now that when i try to rematch that i am put up against a different team entirely? I thought it was a fluke the first time, then i noticed it a few more times. Today i specifically used a raid flask as i wanted a rematch and it gave me a different team again!

I have only noticed this over the past week.

It happens when you click the revenge button after he logged in.
It shows a new opponent but if we are hasty we can’t get it… happens to me too…

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But i had already played him already. Usually it says that “player” is online do i want to reroll. At least this would give me the option. It wasn’t a revenge so no way of playing them again.

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@Petri This bug has been around for a while and still bites me a few times a month. Any plans on fixing it, so we are notified when a rematch can’t be made and a new player is being brought in?

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Yeah that is very frustrating and it happens regularly I must say. If you are to quick with your fingers you can be surprised with the opponent that you did not want to play actually. Maybe your opponent is at that moment online but you should have an option to attack him later, same like rematch. Actually in my opinion to attack its far away more important than revenge I don’t go for the revenge if I wining small amount of points. Second you really need to choose the opponent that is fit to your attacking strategy and its very frustrating when he disappeare newer to be found. I hope that they will improve this aspect of the game.

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Three times in a row today. What’s up? This should be an easy fix. If this is working as intended then that is messed up.

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just wonder if anyone else hates when you click rematch and attack quickly and then realize the opponent has switched where is that reroll ? at brought the wrong team on more then one occasion


I just got a message that an opponent I clicked rematch on was online, and do I want to reroll. Yes! Looks like this may be fixed. Thanks!

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Maybe it was fixed before (I thought it was) but it seems to be happening again. At least to me. Just wasted a raid flag and lost 44 cups because I had the completely wrong team to face the opponent it gave me instead of the one i was rematching.

Why are you allowing a different team to replace a team when we hit rematch?

It may be that the player has come online and is no longer available

So it should say unavailable…not just reselect another opponent?? I’m sure that SG will say…well you should have looked first? But why would I when I hit Rematch?

Yes, it could be done better. It’s just how it’s been left since it was originally designed.

This has happened at least 5 times now and twice in the last hour and it selected teams that were a complete mismatch with the team I had up so I’m very unimpressed with this game at the moment and I’ve been playing for 2.5 years so very unhappy . I have 2 videos of both events tonight…how do I get them to you as evidence?.. I would like my lost cups back please… you owe me that for such a stuff up.

And I’m sure that will be the end of that…

You can still cancel it and go back to the watchtower for the rematch, you don’t necessarily have to fight the new opponent. :slight_smile:

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Very true. But I think the underlying complaint is that “Rematch” should not entail having to re-verify which team you are fighting without warning.

And that seems like a valid complaint to me. The system warns you when you try to revenge someone who’s online. Why not do the same if a rematch suddenly becomes available?

@Petri this probably belongs somewhere on the things to be fixed list, since a quick search shows it bites a lot of us. Do you need a bug report submitted via the support system?

This is the most recent bug report on this topic:

(@zephyr1, @kerridoc, @rook, merge?)