Rematch in raids broken

The function ‘rematch’ doesn’t work for me since yesterday. Even if I choose that, the game gives me another enemy. I don’t know if someone else has this problem, but it would be nice to have it looked into :slight_smile: thanks!

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It might be the person is online, and game offers to re roll, also, there is a new update available, and there is always some problem with revenge with 2 persons with different versions of the game


Ah, that would explain it of course :slight_smile: it just never happened to me before in those +/- 10 months. I’ll wait and see for a while, it’s probably just the update.

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Toda happen the same to me. And i dont know what to do. I wanted to make my revenge but always give me another enemy. The playeros are offline but i cant make my revenge

Same here - just uploaded screenshots about this topic. Get different teams in raids when I want to take revenge after I lost and in the watchtower players who were not online for 26 minutes to 12 hours are still not available …

You can only raid ppl that have the same version of the game. If you updated and he didn‘t yet - you can‘t revenge;)

I experienced this just now. Just happened to be recording it. I was defeated and went to rematch (clearly seen) and it gave me a different team with no option to reroll. Here is the recording (please ignore how badly I was beaten).

Yes, and the most likely reason and solution has been offered in post #2 in this topic :slight_smile: the suggested waiting until the update is fully rolled out appeared to fix the issue for me, so I hope it will for you, too.

Hopefully things get fixed but if it was the update, then why was I allowed to fight them in the first place. This function shouldn’t really have changed. There are no codes to change. If you rematch, you rematch. It’s not like I picked a new person and it wouldn’t let me choose the new person. I also had trouble getting my team I chose, to be the team I fought with. It kept reverting back to my defense.