Rematch bug

This morning I raided someone twice and lost twice too :flushed:
You know when that happens and you just know you could win if the board would just cooperate, lol. So, I pressed rematch again, but was out of flags so I thought I would come back later. But when I went to raids later I just got another opponent, no warning, nothing.
I checked in my tower and saw this person was in spot 9, so I thought “out of my cuprange”, but that wasn’t it either (he was only in spot 9 because of the leaderboard bug), we had a cup difference of about 220 cups. He was online though, but previously when you went back to raiding after a while and your rematch was online, you would get a “you can’t attack because so and so is online, do you want to re-roll?”. If I got that message I would have pressed no and check back later, because my chest wouldn’t be full from my 1 flag anyway.

Now it happened instantly, I pressed rematch (yes, I know, I lost another raid :wink: ) and I just got someone else. I checked in my tower, my opponent came online.
Not fun without a warning. I was out of flags anyway, so would have waited till later

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