Rematch auto reroll (Bug)

I clicked rematch, but later, I faced a new opponent. This is the most annoying bug. Help me to fix this!

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This is not a bug I guess. Maybe the player came online before hitting rematch so you were forced a reroll for a new opponent instead. But you can always go back to your watchtower and do the rematch later when he/she is offline.

But its not a revenge, its a raid, but the game denying me a rematch!

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Ok in that case it’s just bad luck that the player just came online after you just lost to him/her. It has happened to me too. You can’t do anything about it because since the player is online you cannot attack him/her again.


This was reported several times and isn’t a bug at all, just an annoying behavior of the game, but can’t be changed in a satisfactory way.

If we were forced to reroll, it would hurt, too. Next opponent for free, so quite okay.


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