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Leo at fast mana would be OP as hell haha, he’d have to get tweaked hardcore to adjust for that one. As is he’s already a better on defense than Musa and that would make him a more useful hitter for most content too.

You think he’s better than Musa on defense as is? This is a new one - I thought everyone hated Leo (and his younger bro Chao). I’ve always like Leo and have come around on Chao. I’m getting tired of not having a 4/80 yellow 5* and Leo sitting there at 2/60 :slight_smile: Luckily I have 2 4/70 Jackals to play with.

More appropriate stats, stronger heal, mana burn… yeah.

Granted I don’t think either are great choices, Musa basically needs to be flanking Ares to be good and that’s kind of a niche config at this point.

Will say about Chao, everyone hating him isn’t that useful of a metric: so few people really understand the mechanics of mana control even on this forum that Chao is pretty underrated.

*Everyone (like 4 exceptions) hated Ares too when he came out, look what happened there haha… also everyone liked LX and really outside of her attack stat, people have finally realized she’s not very good. Oddly *everyone said that about Wu too… everyone has been wrong a lot in this game just sayin ;).

Fair enough - I still think he could use a touch more to compete with say a Joon, but I do like him better now that he has the 40% mana burn.

I guess that…
I know they’re have already modified g.owl 's skill few upgrades ago, but it is not eniugh

Now G. Owl deals 235% dmg to all enemies plus 60% for each dead allies…I think +75% or even +80% would be better, at least to make him more dangerous when left alone on defense.

Maybe I am exaggerating, maybe not, any thoughts?

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I don’t think the damage is the problem. From what I’ve understood he doesn’t even get to fire most of the time because he is too slow (talking about defence). So it does not matter how much dmg he would do if he mostly does not fire.


Agreed. I don’t think damage is the problem but utility. His special ability seems diminished in the front center tank role since it relies in other team members being dead. Sticking him in the corner seems like a waste as well as he probably won’t get hit enough to charge his very slow mana build until the fight is over. For Titan fights, also too slow and too low tile damage.

The mana speed modification is a great idea. Would work just like the revenge bar. SG already has the code… just needs to implement. :wink:

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No upgrades yet… Guys u really have to check this Hero

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Uppppp con. U have to do sth with this 5* hero. Can not be one of the worst hero in game

He is an special 5* hero event and also the worst hero in the game…
Many people waste his money to take those hero events and he is not worthy.

Agreed, he’s not good at much. I have him at 3^36, and the only good use I’ve found for him is on my AW attack teams as a “bench stretcher”. Pairing him with 4 weaker 3* or 4* heroes is actually pretty effective at unleashing his full-stength special while saving better heroes for other flags.

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@rook please merge with Remake Guardian Owl

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Merged. Thanks, Kerridoc!

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The problem of Guardian Owl

Guardian Owl’s main problem is rooted in irony. He is obviously designed as a defensive hero, but his skills, however great in the challenge event, does not transfer to actual player game-play.

His skills are conflicting, simply due to the fact that:

  1. his mana speed is very slow
  2. he gets an attack buff for each dead ally

This creates a serious problem regarding the position and placement of Guardian Owl in a defence team.

A player’s natural instinct is to use the Owl as a tank, in the middle of defence. That’s mainly due to the fact that his mana speed is the slowest in the game - so he needs to get hit as often as possible, else chances are good that his special skills will never activate, and his usefulness becomes extremely limited.

His lack of mana speed conflicts head-on with his second skill, namely that his special attack boost depends on the number of dead allies. As all players know too well, it is extremely rare to have any other hero die before the center hero dies (in a defence team). So the attack boost is also almost never activated too. That’s why players naturally place other heroes, like Alberich or Mother North, on the sides or flank positions in a defence team, because their skills also depend on dead allies.

These issues boil down to the core of the problem - Guardian Owl’s skills look good on paper (or screen) - but since they are seldom activated (too slow), or almost never gets activated in the intended context (dead allies), he becomes of extremely limited use.

Of course, his current skills work well in the Guardian of Teltoc challenge event - because there he appears in the center, behind the other bosses - so he has more time to fill his mana and chances are good that at least one of his allies will die before he does. But that’s exactly the opposite of his possible placement when used by players in-game!

Buff suggestions?

I’m honestly not 100% sure, but I have some ideas… A giant step in the right direction would be to change his mana speed to slow or even average (!). Changing the mana speed to average would be a superb buff, and I am convinced the Owl will start showing up everywhere in defence teams again - albeit not necessarily in the centre position - because he would then have a much better chance to take advantage of dead allies!

Increasing his mana speed would have to come at a price - the obvious statistic to be reduced in return would probably be the power of his attack. Even considering this, keep in mind that a rival holy hero, Justice, has a higher base attack than Guardian Owl (240% vs 235%) and a higher mana speed (slow vs very slow). Yet Justice is much more balanced and much more useful overall.

Personally, I would be happy to see:

  1. his mana speed increased (maybe by a lot!)
  2. his basic attack power even decreased (to balance the mana speed increase)
  3. His 60% per dead ally attack boost remaining the same (for the added wildcard advantage)

Making these potential changes will have the following advantages:

  1. More defence team positioning placement options for Guardian Owl.
  2. He might actually become usable as an attack hero, even if he’s primarily designed for defence.
  3. He will force attacking players to play more strategically, based on his placement and role in a defence team.


The wonderful changes made to the challenge events lately, as well as the introduction of some new heroes, has brought my attention back to Guardian Own. As an example, just look at Black Knight - a fantastic defensive hero, but quite versatile, despite his niche set of skills.

I have seen and read most topics about Guardian Owl, but the most significant topics focus on adding new or different features or skills, instead of simply applying a possible buff or re-balance of his existing skills.

A little more background (TLDR;)

Guardian Owl was my first legendary hero. Naturally, I was so excited to get him. Unfortunately, when I started to try and apply him to the game, I realised that he is not very useful in his current state, so he’s sitting on the bench. It’s a pity so see all that excellent artwork and interesting ideas go to waste due to missed potential.


Hi @Rottekruid, welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

G. Owl had produced much debate over the months.

@rook @zephyr1 possible merge?

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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Beta Update

Beta has opened, with balance changes to Guardian Owl and other Heroes.

Please transition discussion to this thread:

=> 🧪 Early Information on General Hero Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v30]


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