Remake Guardian Owl

I saw in this forum that all players think Guardian Owl is the most un-playable hero. Although he is a 5* Hero, no one use him, they prefer use 4* instead.
How can it be possible? Any 5* hero should be better than 4* hero.
I guess this Hero has to be analyzed and make him more competitive.

What about remake his skill?
Make a new one…
Think about it… He is a tank… One of the best tank… So his aim is to protect his allies. Maybe his skill has to be focused on defense. Something like to give X% defense and counterattack. Or special defense against dark… Or give the possibility to dodge attacks… Something like this.


I do not think so. If you see the prize for win the event you can see that if you win in the advance mode as n1 you get it. It is the best prize

No, you don’t get the Guardian Owl as a prize, you only get the avatar of Guardian Owl

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Exactly. Guys, what’s ur opinion?

Hmm ok sorry. In that case it seems the worst one

Guardian Owl is a last man standing defense hero and frankly Alby does it better.

I don’t know what the right solution is, but he’s an unfortunate pull. I was rolling for Delilah on the alt (since wasn’t spending anything on the main this month) and got Owl instead and well, meh. Other than ascending out of spite and sticking it in the corner for AW I just don’t see it… and I’m not certain I care enough about AW defense on the alt to justify it rationally.

The inherent problem is Owl just isn’t useful in anything but this one niche situation and generally you’ve already lost the raid by this time and his mana speed is awful, and you need a level 23 mana troop to really even consider it (13.5 -> 12 which is a magic multiple of 3 when talking attacking and lower is better on defense) and there aren’t that many players with that in game.

Add to the fact that darts are rare, and meh.

I don’t think he’d be OP at slow mana, maybe that’s the switch that needs to be made as at least then he’s more functional on a defense.


You get both. The hero and avatar.

They’ve buffed Owl recently. Not much but a little.

Sorry, you’re right. My mistake.

Owl is an example of a good event boss that’s a lousy hero. I pulled him today, and he’s just going to sit in my deck at 1/1 for the foreseeable future. No way he’s getting even orbs for me. My yellow queue is waaaay to long, and he’s at the back of it.

Which is a shame. I’m not sure I agree with the OP that every 5* should be better than any 4*, but I do think every hero should have a role. Owl is supposed to be the “last bird standing” but his mana speed is too slow, at least compared to the strength of the attack.

Now, if they made his mana speed depend on the number of remaining allies, that could get interesting. V Slow wit 4 allies, Slow with 3, Average with 2, Fast with 1 or 0.


Could be a nice idea. Will it make him more competitive?

It would be hard for Owl to be less competitive!

Given how hard Owl now hits, accelerated mana recovery would really make people think twice about ignoring him (he’s usually placed into a corner) until the end, then overwhelming him. If a wing-hero can be safely ignored, it’s like having a 5-on-4 first phase, with cleanup afterwards. That’s how I treat a corner Vivica or other healer, and it’s even safer with Owl.


He is what he is. Really fashionable hero (i really like him) but in the “no ascending zone” same as Thorne and Elkanen.
SG never changed a hero speed impostation, so to make him “playable” he must be a 1 shot killer if he is the last one standing.
Still not a top player choice, but at least he can do something.

Be glad that you read the forum and you don’t use any ascension items on him.
Pretend that you have pulled a flashy 3* and keep search for better.

Boh… He is also a good tank, isn’t he?
No ascension, just max lvl at the first ascension and just it

Mana speed is just too slow. If he were adjusted to slow he might be viable but even then slow tanks are a bit problematic.

@Wharflord suggested that a cleaner implementation would be to have Owl’s mana generation increase by 10% per felled ally.

Has anyone tried what happens if Owl is the only defender? I wonder if he hits hard from the start then

I agree with you in principal in most situations, but Alby is the one healer I never ignore no matter where he’s placed, but especially in the corner. I hate seeing dead heroes revived (and I have him & he’s saved sooo many of my raids it’s not funny), so I use my Sonya/Perseus combo to counter him.

I also have Owl & I really like your idea of the mana speed/remaining allies mechanic. That kind of simulates the AW Revenge Bar & would make Owl a real factor as a raid defender. But for now, he’s relegated to use on AW attack team six until I level up my newly acquired Jackal & Justice.

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So… How can we make a proposal to SG Team Development?

They read the boards. Two of the three changes made in AW started here.

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And start liking the ideas you want considered; does get taken into account as I understand it.

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Ok, so let’s do it. Ty

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