Remaining Season 1 Costumes?

Dev costume idea
Gormek- just reverse the order of his special.
Having the defense down followed by the damage would make him very relevant and unique!


Justice was my first 5 star and I ascended her…oh had I known, her costume is gonna have to be extra good as for now she’s destined for the hero academy

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I LOVE the idea of this! Would be ok by me! Maybe increase his attack and lower defense? Keep HP the same?

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This actually would be pretty amazing.

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I ascended Justice because I had 12 darts.

If she gets a nice costume, I’m going to be so… mad because I won’t get it.

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When they first released the costume chamber they had this idea in mind. You had a significantly higher percentage of pulling a 5* costume but you only got the costume not the hero. Many people were very unhappy that they couldn’t use the costume if they didn’t have the hero, so SG changed it to include the hero with the pull but decreased the odds. I wish they had left it more like it was at first because eventually with tc20 you would get the heroes you might have costumes for.

I pulled Vivica and Joon in the first costume chamber. Already had Vivica and finally got Joon a few days ago. but I’ve never pulled any other 5* costume since then.

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:scream: :scream: :scream: Why, oh, why would you send an ascended legendary hero to the Hero Academy? Poor Justice. Where’s justice in that.

I want Justice for Justice, her costume needs to be very fast and she hits 8 ha. I have others for the Ha she will stay for now…

Unfortunately, it won’t happen. All costumed heroes’ retain the mana speed of their original version, although the 5% mana bonus is a welcome add-on.

We need a wu Kong costum where He is not miss anymore!! Vote for it


Kailani’s desciption is “Selfless Healer”, but she cannot heal at all.
Upcoming costumes could change it!
Giving her costume ability to healing over time + sharing damage (without defence up) will totally makes sense for this character and she will finally be that “Selfless Healer”. Then old decription should be moved to costumed version and basic one should get new one, like “Selfless Protector”.
If we can’t get 4* yellow healer at least give us 3* one.


Wording does make sense but there 4* healer the sheep also the 3* bee dude minons is a version of healing.
There many hero’s in different colour that don’t have the same as others there no 3* 4* dispeler in fire (season 3 I’m a bit sketchy so if there is one my bad)

I can recommend Gullinbursti, the four star healer (mini Heimdall) from Valhalla. Quite a handy raider even at diamond

That said, I do like the idea of shared damage and healing


when s2 and s3 costumes wil be released, all these s1 costumes will be totally useless again
how to make money from old heroes ? release costumes :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy: :joy: :poop:

Or they can make another set of costumes so there are up to three looks for each, three class potentials and third variant to the SS


I want to see Dawa and Greymane costumes.
They made a very desirable hero out of crappy Renfeld, so there’s still chance for those two.

Then again, Prisca’s crap in any version…


I can’t wait to see Nashgar’s or Valen’s costumes. I really like those 3* heroes, they were in my main team for a very long time.
I am also curious what they will do with AoE heroes such as Jahangir, Oberon or Ulmer.


Early 2021 will be my wild guess, until current costume offerings get their 2nd featured on portal then release those final set.

There are Ninja Tower and Mystic Titan on the way until their release in Q4/2020.
The most possible timeline for the remaining costume would be Q1/2021.

Purely my guess.

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With so much lame upcoming HotM and lack of new costumes… perhaps they don’t want our money anymore…

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