Remaining Season 1 Costumes?

Which heroes are you excited to see have their costumes released?

I personally would like a Wu Kong costume. I’m guessing the majority of players don’t have either Miki/Tarlak or Ranvir so having a beefier Wu will certainly help a lot of players.


I want to see:

Marjana costume, it is sad to see her less and less since all fire new heroes have overpowered her.
Obakrap costume, Obakan is super crappy and I want to see him back on the defense roster line up again.
Thorne costume, completely torn…, he need a place to shine.
Grimm, his original form is fantastic already, but costume should be even better.
Sabina, I would load her all sorcerer emblems I have when her costume arrive.

Since I have the costumes for Domitia, Joon, Lianna, Kashhrek, Melendor, Sonya, Boldtusk, Li Xiu, Rigard, Cardmon, Tiburtus and some bunch of rare heroes, the ones I want next are the costumes of Azlar, Magni, Vivica, Sartana and Kiril since I have them in my roster already leveled. The costumes I want to see next are Scarlett, and if already in the works, S2, S3, seasonal and event heroes.

I have none of the 5* costumes yet, so any will do for me. I’d like the Kadilen costume, though. I have Kad on 3-70 and I’ll max her if i get her costume, I think.

Wu Kong that cannot miss = Mini Miki

  • All allies get +100% normal attack that only applies when the enemy has more HP than the attacker. Stacks with similar status effects up to a maximum of +185% normal attack. The effect lasts for 4 turns.
  • The target and nearby enemies get silenced for 3 turns

If we are talking about new releases, for 5* I would like to see costumes for both Thorne and Khagan… something special to make them worth having and fully levelling…

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• deals 512% damage to the target.

• deals 200% damage to all enemies.
• all enemies get -34% mana generation for 3 turns.
• all enemies Get -34% defense for 4 turns.

• deals 210% damage to all enemies.
• deals 420% damage if the enemy has less than 50% health.

• all allies generate 601HP for 4 turns.
• dispel all enemies buffs
• all allies get +24% mana generation for 4 turns.
• dispel all enemies buffs and realocates randomly in allies.


5* - probably every single one needs a costume buff. Egoistically, Thorne. I’m one of those who think he is not that bad, but seems so much outdated.
4* - Cyprian and Colen. They are among the heroes i use the most in my stacks and would love to see their costume form (or just enjoy a little stat bonus), especially Colen. And of course Sabina, who’s now too much behind her fellow healers.
3* - for the same reason, Jahangir and Ulmer.

Thorne and Obakan, they’re literally two of the worst 5’s and damn near everyone’s gotten costumes before them.


She has already high attack. Im looking forward to seeing her stats with c.bonus.

Colen/ Hu tao

Id like to see what sg is going to do mainly with hu tao an underwhelming hero


Hoping a kind of costume tiburtus style.

Wu Kong

I cant figure out what sg can do with this

Stackable special.

Increased damage and increased chance to miss with each stack.

The ultimate “all in” of RNG.


Since my original posting, I still want .ost of the original costumes. Gormek, Grimm, Mariana.

I’ve since maxed Joon, and would love to pull his costume. I have Khagan and a few other S1 5* waiting to be leveled depending on what their costumes look like, that way I don’t have to max Noor!

I don’t have many maxed 5*s but got lucky with Sartana and Joon’s costumes. Both are great and have found some sweet pairings in their respective colours and together in flank and wing for war D.

Both are slowly accruing emblems and have made a substantial difference to my roster.

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I really want Joon costume. I have him maxed on my alt, and run him on right wing, with a +19 Mist on left wing. Deadly combo on offense! In the center I have +19 Gormek-/+6Telluria/+5Vela. Keeps me right around 2400 cups. With Gormek and Joon Costumes I would be happy!

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Love it!

I only took my first Mist to +18 as Rig and now Ariel are emblem thirsty.

Mist + Joon C + Pos + Malosi (4.60, work in progress) and Gullipigthing make up my mono. Mist and Joon seem a match made in heaven. :+1:


I want cJoon so badly. My current mono is cViv, Jackal+20, Joon+13, Mist+19 and Gazelle+5. It is deadly.

cViv and Jackal’s D-down stack, Mist d-down against special skills, and Gazelle with the +100%. Jackal can sometimes one-shot an emblemed 5*, and against Joon, it’s lights out. cJoon would be even better…


I don’t have any of the guardian colour Def downs. I’m sooooo envious!

You’ve already got a lethal combination. I hope you get your Joon ©👍

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Yes, Mist and Joon on offense…both fast vans charged ready to do major damage! If only I had Jackal like others! Yellow has some good 1-2-3 combos now and great synergy when going mono!

I’m missing some love for Justice and Leonidas :smiley:

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Dev costume idea
Gormek- just reverse the order of his special.
Having the defense down followed by the damage would make him very relevant and unique!


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