Remaining Season 1 Costumes?

Early costumes are in dire need of a shakeup. Skittles and Li Xiu for example just made one effect slightly stronger and the other slightly weaker. Then there came the second generation like Sonya and Vivica whose costumes have the opposite effect and third generation like Little John whose costume does something totally different.

I wonder if they are going to do to Wukong. I hope he becomes a mini-Tarlak.


To me, the first batch of costumes that were released fall more towards this category or this train of thought. They fall into one to three categories.

  1. Stats adjustment + Special % tweak (Ex. Li Xiu, damage and mana cut % adjustment)
  2. Stats adjustment + Special target/style (Ex. Sonya, original dispels, costume cleanses)
  3. Stats adjustment + Special augmentation (Ex. Melendor bulk heals, dispels, costume changed to heal over time, dispels, and defense buff)

The ones where more secondary or even tertiary effects were introduced are the best kinds of change. Most new heroes you see (Season 2 or 3, even the 3* aren’t really one trick ponies any more).

The second batch of costumes released still had some of characteristics of the first batch (Costumed Caedmon is pretty much like Costumed Sonya), but a good portion of them were made into somewhat different heroes because of new effects on their specials introduced and some of those effects can be found on season 2 to 3 heroes. My opinions is that this batch were better designed than the first batch (which seemed somewhat lackluster in comparison).

Hopefully, the 3rd and if there is any more 4th batch will take cues from the reception of the first two batches when they hit beta.


Personally and selfishly I’m just waiting for the Thorne and Khagan costumes. To justify my use of mats!


I’d like to see an easier way of getting the costume alone to augment heroes trained by TC20. It’s already a 5% chance to train them then having only a 2.5% chance of ever getting their costume defeats the purpose. Costumes should be readily available to bridge the gap between the vanilla heroes and the OP heroes that only whales can afford.


It’s worth it because it’s pretty.


So, these are the remaining Season 1 heroes who have yet to have their costume available in the Masquerade:

5 Star
1 Khagan
2 Leonidas
3 Marjana
4 Justice
5 Thorne
6 Obakan
4 Star
1 Grimm
2 Scarlett
3 Kelile
4 Wu Kong
5 Chao
6 Cyprian
7 Hu Tao
8 Colen
9 Gormek
10 Sabina
3 Star
1 Gan Ju
2 Jahangir
3 Ulmer
4 Graymane
5 Nashgar
6 Valen
7 Dawa
8 Kailani
9 Oberon

I may have missed someone or that any of the list may already have the costume. Will be happy to edit it. Enjoy.


I think you just missed Obakan. Pretty interested to see how the 4* costumes turn out since I probably won’t get the 5*.

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I was pretty sure he was the first I have written. Oh, well… thanks for the heads up. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Don’t know about Graymane, but Dawa’s costume is about what I’d expect …



Got lucky and have Mel and caedmon costume both maxed and I use caedmon quite a bit now though he’s only +1 with bt at +20 and magni at +10. But revive 8s nice.

Gormek’s original version is unique, beastly HP with low Def and 3.5* attack. The proposed adjustment left him in no man’s land, not a glass cannon, the attack was still meh and yet somewhat fragile.

As @Polentinha mentioned, leave the original Gormek and rearrange the stats on the costume.
Three plus years into the game Gormek has a niche , the proposed changes suddenly made him useless for that niche and that was what people protested.

Poor ogre was made obsolete by Wilbur back in SII and no readjusting of stats will change that.

That said, it would be nice if the Titan fire heroes had decent attack stats. Wilbur/Gormek for defense down and G Falcon for elemental debuff use wet noodles for weapons.
The other elements all have some debuffers with good (great) attack stats (G Falcon!! Isarnia!! Panther, Evelyn, Frida).


I would LOVE it if they lowered Wu’s attack buff to something more like Tarlak’s or Miki’s and eliminated the chance to miss! He comes along for most titans but the misses hurt (mathematically he is better than most of the other attack boosters on tiles but it feels painful and if your specials miss it can be costly).

A change like that would also bump his raid appeal.


Mathematically he is NOT better than the others…he is worse.

According to this full analysis by @Guvnor Wu IS a “better booster”:

Miki, Ranvir, Tarlak, Wu Kong, G Gazelle - Maths

Per tile Wu is slightly behind Ranvir (4%) but far ahead of all the rest.
The misses bring the average expected damage per three tile match down so that Miki is #1, Ranvir and Wu tied at #2 (0.1% difference between them) well ahead of Tarlak and G Gazelle…

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That’s what I’m talking about…taking the misses into account (i.e. the math) he is not the best. Miki is.

Unfortunately that is not what you said

Your statement implied he is worse than the others (plural) whereas he is #2 and hence is better than most (as stated clearly in my post), only behind one HotM.

Presenting an opinion as fact may mislead newer players looking for guidance and is antithetical to the spirit of the forum.


I am waiting for Obakrap and Juskitty costume to be released…

And I hope for a WOW… otherwise both of them will be just benched.

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Silly question (but I keep seeing posts like this)… why would you root for a costume for a hero you already own, seeing as when you draw the costume you also draw the hero?

I can very mildly understand if it’s for a hero that you already have leveled you bc you can level the costume faster (although I still don’t really get it that much bc now you just have a dupe hero and it’s not necessarily like it would’ve taken forever to level him/her- I’d rather root for a unique hero/costume)… but esp if it’s just a benched hero?

You actually answered your own question. For example I would love Lianna and Kadilen’s costumes because I have both maxed and would love to throw them back on the bench. The costumes bring dated heroes back into the fold with the big S2/ 3 players, with only x4 3* mats, instead of using valuable 4* mats from scratch.


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