Remaining Season 1 Costumes?

I can’t wait to see Nashgar’s or Valen’s costumes. I really like those 3* heroes, they were in my main team for a very long time.
I am also curious what they will do with AoE heroes such as Jahangir, Oberon or Ulmer.


Early 2021 will be my wild guess, until current costume offerings get their 2nd featured on portal then release those final set.

There are Ninja Tower and Mystic Titan on the way until their release in Q4/2020.
The most possible timeline for the remaining costume would be Q1/2021.

Purely my guess.

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With so much lame upcoming HotM and lack of new costumes… perhaps they don’t want our money anymore…

Just read that out loud to yourself and try not to laugh.

Yes, I know it’s sarcasm :wink:

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Useless? That’s a bit harsh imo. Would love me a kadilen costume. Add in that dodge special, she would make a fantastic war tank for me. Kadilen at 18 is a pretty awesome tank for me and my team usually last 2 maybe 3 attacks. Would loooove that dodge special.


hope they wont make costumes for atlantis and vallaha
otherwise these s1 costumes will become pure sh i i its

oh wait…S2 and s3 costumes are easy money for SG… lets make it happen


I was thinking about Kelile and Marjana costumes. As they are similar the costumes could be similar too.

I would love that sg adds Kelile , in the costume, the ability to dispel the enemies. That could pair her to caedmon or sonya and would be so handy.

Marjana could be a dispeler on her costume too


So I don’t know what heroes are up and coming for costumes and I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way, but when I think about a good costume for 4* Kallie all I can see is a cheerleader outfit holding pom poms in both hands.

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lol thats a funny idea if you’re talking about Kelile. Her costume special can be “Dance of Cheer”: Deals 300% dmg to target. Caster and nearby get +69% attack and +69% chance of dodging special attacks for 3 turns.

valen is awesome very durable 3 star…help me a lot in raid and tourney when i first started this game…


I’m all about it. Yeah I meant kelile.

Would prefere a sartana like costume for Marjana and Kelile to fill the lack off penetration in red. An Zimkitha-like Costume for Scarlett would be great though!

Red isn’t designed to have a debuffer and imo should not have this ability. Red needs more firepower so i hope we will see costumes for Gormek, Kelile and Colen that help fix that. Overall Tiledamage in red is to low if you do not own Azlar or Elena with Costume or Gravemaker.

the monkey king should have the costume…in chinese legends wukong can mutated to nother different kinds of forms…add bonus of revive to lixiu or hutao if he is dead on costume…

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Alternatively Grimm could become a huge Karil.

I’ve had an idea in mind for a while now. Here: Instead of giving ATK boost + miss chance; he will just give you a bulky Crit chance, but, that Crit chance will be a special one that also applies to the offensive special skills, and stacks with similar effects.

This would be awesome.


I’m not entirely sure this is the most suitable place to ask this question but, I see alot of y’all think that Gormek is bad compared to Tiburtus and Grimm. And I see of course an offensively emblemed Gormek wouldn’t be as good as an offensively emblemed Tib or Grimm. But would Gormek really be that bad if you went with the traditional DEF>HP>ATK route?

I mean maybe this is not a competition. Maybe he is not supposed to be a Red Grimm at all?

And I believe Barbarian Class encourages you to “Stack” way more than it encourages you to emblem ATK. (Bleed damage is based on the entire damage one “tile” deals, and only a “still alive” Barbarian can activate it.)

Thanks in advance.

How about this for Colen:

The first thing that I would do is keep him as a fighter, but we could throw his hair in a ponytail and give him some sort of red samurai/ninja type outfit. I don’t know. I’m not the person you want for artistic creativity.

But, his SPECIAL:

Mana Speed: Average


Attack: 758
Defense: 550
HP: 1102

Special: Torrents of Fire

—Caster randomly attacks enemy with five drops of fire rain that each do 60% damage. This effect lasts for four turns and cannot be dispelled, but is removed if the caster dies.

—All enemies receive an additional 200 burn damage over four turns.


Remaining costumes are now in beta. Check out the #beta-beat thread for Round 3 of Costumes:
🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

Full content included in V33 of Beta Testing Cycle, see this thread: 🧪 The Beta Beat (v33) – New Costumes, Mythic Titans (more to come...?) -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

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