Remaining Season 1 Costumes?

Does anyone know when the rest of the Season 1 costumes are set to be released?

Since I can’t seem to pull any 5* red heroes, I have both Gormek and Scarlett sitting at +19 and would love to get the costume bonus on them.

With this last round of costumes being so big, will it be a bit before the others are ready? Anyone in beta know anything?


They haven’t been introduced to beta yet so there is currently no list or date for release.


Additionally, there’s no beta until August so we won’t know.


Dang…guess I will hope to pull a 5* red first then! I have the mats to max one, just cant seem to get lucky!

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I know your feeling ! im sitting on 17 tonics with no sight of getting a green 5* any soon!

The good news is that i have c.mel . Id love to pull caedmons costume to add a cleanse to my greens.

good luck getting that 5* red


Just finished costume for mel myself! nothing else worth working on!

Good luck to you on the 5* green! I have Evelyn and Lianna both maxed! :slight_smile:


I, for one, hope for a costume for Justice to ahhh… justify my mat expenditure.


I just hope they make Marjana an heavy sniper like they did to Sartana.

And Grimm to be just like Tiburtus’ costume. Gormek to have a better distribuition of stats. That insane amount of HP and mediocre ATK and DEF stats always made him to be left behind.

They also could make Justice to be a slower version of Neith.


I’m just hoping Dawa and Graymane costumes are insane.

Also hoping Kailani costume is like costume gunnar so I can use her on mono yellow with 4x costume Dawa :joy: :rofl:

Will be new challenge event meta


Best comment yet!



They tried redistributing Gormek’s stats (More attack) when they tweaked Telly/Vela, but people CRIED about it so much that they buckled and returned Gormek to his useless attack-less self. I was really disappointed.

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Someone or someone(s) actually “cried” about making a Classic 4* more useful? What, does that make people think he is OP and maybe all the people who cried about it fed their Gormek and but don’t want to try to get him again.

I dont mind Gormek the way he is. I have him at +19 and flank him and Vela next to Telly. Not exactly Grave…but he does the job for now. The redesign they proposed would have been interesting to use, but curious to see what his costume is like!

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I saw that! I got really excited.

I won’t mind if they leave Gormek like he is if they fix him in his costume. If players does like him like that I understand and respect their gameplay.

Since they can fix that with the costume… It’s ok to leave him like that since if u like his high HP you may use him without the costume. If you dislike, use with costume. It would be nice to choose.

I almost did it after I maxed 2 Wilburs. There’s really no use for Gormek after that. Besides since not everybody has Wilbur, I understand but like I’ve said before, I hope his costume will change those stats. Really terrible.

Glad he’s working for you! Besides you know that your winner defenses are because Tell and Vela, right? Gormek is probably the first to be taken out.

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I wish i could raid myself with one of my alt accounts! I would let you know! :slight_smile:

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People liked that he was different than Tiburtus/Grimm and was more survivable. I guess I understand, but for me he is useless with that low attack stat. I want a red Grimm!!


I think I have a soft-spot for Gormek…was my first 4* and first hero maxed that wasn’t a 3*…he and I go way back…lol. #GormekForLife


I like him as well, as he is. I don’t rely on him for direct damage; if I take him I want him to absorb damage and do his defense debuff. I’ll let the hitters take care of damage. I would be fine with his costume rebalancing his stats and giving him the same special as Tiburtus.

Another good use for him with his original stats is flanking Cyprian or Boril. He’s better at returning damage than either of them (lower def, higher health).


Being a lot of season 1 heros may share the same abilities can see it be copy n paste tibs- Gomek Grimm be the same boril and Cyprian same.
But renfield n Priscilla are so different is her costume even worth it?
Only time can tell nice if they mix it up

Im looking forward seeing the grimm and gormek version . If they tweak a little bit gormek’s attack stat in the costume he may be able to start to get a place. I mean, he already has his uses but hes overshadowed by Wilbur.

And a hit to all grimm has to be a top pick

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