Relocating building changes the type of space for build

I did some relocations, but after this I had noticed that all free spots that were left are the ‘corner wall’ type (good for storage but not the farm). I cannot build anything that requires the ‘flat space type’. I tried to re-relocate buildings into they original places but it didn’t help - now I have only ‘corner wall’ spots, no matter if there is farm or storage on it.
It shouldn’t work that way. Either relocation should be allowed between the same types of spots only or the spot type shouldn’t matter and one could build everything on it.

This seemed really confusing to me for a very long time, but by the time I got to a high stronghold level I realized it actually seems to be based on what buildings you have available to build more of.

What I found was that if you can only build buildings that use the corner foundation, everywhere you move a building that’s what you’ll get in the free spot. But if you still have an option available to build a flat land building, when you move a building out of a spot that was originally flat, it will be again.

So I don’t think it actually affects your ability to build the right buildings in order. And by the end everyone ends up with all the same buildings anyway.

And nothing stops you from trading the places of buildings that don’t share the same land plot type. So it’s not like it impacts that either.

But it is very confusingly implemented. It seems like it’d be much simpler to just have one land plot type, since the distinction has no practical impact.

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