Release the Hounds alliance score 120,000 (Titans 9*/10*)1 empty spot

Hi all,
A friendly active alliance (some are family members), we chat ingame chat and in line app about everything, we help each other grow, give advice on how to succeed in challenges, quest and events.

We are looking for a few active players who will join in in wars and titans. Please have at least a team of 3300 (prefer several teams for war) and with 1600 cups.
Check us out in game…
If you want to know more you can fined me on line app Ygr or send me a message here

I sound here so dry and bland but I promise you I am not :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi there, I am looking to join a new alliance and I like the sound of yours. I’ve been playing for a little over a year, I usually have between 2300-2500 trophies and have a defense team power of 3700. Let me know what you think, thanks!

You are more than welcome send and invite ingame :slight_smile:

One spot still open :slight_smile:

Do to a long time member taking a time off we have a new spot open.
Great guys joined us, we are now at 9*-10* titans and we just won the war and filled our war chest.

We are still looking for one good player (and active)… come and join us :slight_smile:

still looking… up up.

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