Release SH24 (Stronghold 24) 1-2 months before Release SH25

Im not the only one hurting for hardwood lumber. That’s my bane as well.

Oh yeah, I started my last level up today. So in 12 days, I shall be done as well.

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It would be good if we can somehow manufacture resource boundles and store generated resources, which we can not use or do not want to use at the moment so that those who have completed all buildings can store their resources which are usable later, when they need it.

@zephyr1, I can’t find your update, but didn’t you post that SH24 was in Beta along with Tavern of Legends? Do they know yet when they hope to release them?

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Yeah, both are in V29 of Beta.

As for when maybe this month or next month depending on how many more iterations the ToL needs.

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If I understand Zephyr correctly, the Tavern of Legends is not a building.
It is another event that is aimed particularly at long-time players.
We can then prepare for the Hero Academy when SH24 is released with version 29.
I would be very grateful for that.


Yes and no. It is a quest and not a building.

As to whom it’s aimed at, it requires hero mastery so someone who has a decent roster. This is not necessarily “long-time,” depends on your definition of long time.

Would you say a challenge event is for a “long-time” player? I wouldn’t but it does take grinding to get there. This is similar.

But I’m off-topic. More y’all should be here:

Back on topic - excited to see sh24.


Any update when is stronghold 24 implementation?

SH24 was in Beta Version 29.

SGG have confirmed on another thread (a bugs & issues one) that version 29 would start roll-out next week:

If Real Game continues reflecting the content in Beta Version Numbers, we should see SH24 being available for unlocking early next month (usually a 1-2 week delay between starting of Version Roll-Out & actually making new version content live).


I’ve found tornadoes an offensive weapon in S3-H(>8). Especially on the last round with their “hero” and when there is a log jam of non-movable tiles. Really great when most of my hero’s are partly charged.


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Closing this as implemented in Version 29!