Release notes for v.40

So far, the only ones that I can see are losses to mono teams with 400-600 less power. It’s a nice addition as it means there’s probably not a lot I can realistically adjust in that sort of case.

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this is a great addition.

i think the attaker needs to have version 40 when the attack happened to show in your watchtower.

i wish the troops used was included too

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If you don’t use specials and battle items in a turn, then it decreases with 15%.

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From all the existing game related issues, devs choose to present us with a new event in v40… exactly what we needed… a brand new summoning portal for officially aknowledged OP heroes. Fortunately I’m not taking this game seriously anymore, I don’t have a problem skipping content… it was a great game three years ago, it turned to crap along the way. Or should I say, it turned from a f2p friendly envoirment to a 100% p2w bllusith… Inertia is the only thing that keeps me playing…


The addition of raid team preview was interesting, seeing how you got raided. To take it to the next level, they could show statistics of the match, like which hero died and remaining health left. Kinda like war preview

Like for example this…

It shows that I won against this team, but I want to also know how my team fared against theirs. Who died, remaining health etc.

Right, that would be the next logical step and easy to implement. Needed only for the attacking team, the defense troops are available to check in the watchtower.


While interesting, what useful information can you possibly glean from that? Personally, I’d say being able to watch the whole match would be more interesting, but that’s not going to happen. To clarify, I’m not too happy with the boards that I get when I lose. Now, why am I saying that other than to complain? The point is that they could have simply lost because of bad boards, and there isn’t much you can do to improve your defense in that case. Likewise, I noticed about half the raids on me are mono. Well, there’s not going to be much I can adjust to counter that. Basically, if the attacker gets the tiles, they win, if not, they lose. Whatever defense I can put up with my heroes isn’t going to affect that situation much. I stress my heroes… those with S3, Starfall, S4 heroes have OP heroes that can make the difference, but they’re likely on the defense regardless.

Exactly this, because a recording of the match it’s not going to happen. So to have remaining health and see who died after the match concluded, you can at least gauge how your team fared against the enemy’s.

Like I said, not really. The important part is actually the board. Just because your defense didn’t get killed, it doesn’t mean it was an outstanding defense. For example, today I raided against a MN, Anzogh, Richard, Neith, Kageburado defense with Zimkitha, Hansel, Lianna, Malosi, and cMelandor. I lost the first 2 times. Was it an outstanding defense? Not particularly, The first time I got a total of 6 green tiles to start, and nothing after that. They weren’t even all against the tank so I couldn’t kill Richard with tiles. The second time was even worse, I swear, you’ve never seen a board so full of blue and purple tiles. I don’t just mean the starting board, I mean the replacement tiles as well. I think at one point 60% of the board were just those two colors. Third time I finally got some green, though I ended up starting with a mess of reds, and won the raid. Oh, and Mother North was not a factor and I got lucky on my third time as she didn’t revive anyone.

So someone on the defense looking at the watchtower will look at the results and think: “I’ve got a great defense”, although really, I just had a streak of crap tiles.

Actually you can just infer from the health and casualties alone. One of the concerns is server size, so a full video is never going to happen.

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