Release notes for v.40

Dear devs,
Can we have release notes for already released v.40, please? =)
Thank you!

@Petri , @KiraSG


They released them short after :slight_smile:


Wow, slayers came before magic tower. So that’s the second generation event, probably reflects blue as well. And its way too early to be released, another rushed product by them

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So they admit that the Guardian Gazelle <-> Mythic Titan Hades issue was a bug…

And also Theobald’s mechanic that’s something unique and special against taunters, now no longer a thing

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Can anyone say something positive about this please? I personally liked and found only two things that were relevant to me.

This one is a real potential game changer for me:

  • Added Raid battle results showing the team that attacked the player. The enemy attack team can be seen in the Raid Log of the Watchtower and in the Enemy Raid dialog that appears after the player logs in

How else can I identify my Achilles heel?


Yup, this is great, but for some reason it doesn’t work properly :thinking:

I can see the logs for my own attack, but the log for attacks against me is not available. @Petri @KiraSG intended delay or something went wrong?

I think it only gets properly enabled after the roll out is complete as it has been in the past.

You got a poisonous toadstool badge (Amanita muscaria, from recollection)… I deserve it more than you!!! :slightly_smiling_face:


I believe it works when both attack and defense teams have v40.


Possible! I am able to see one of the new attacks now. However, it shows me the attacker’s defence team… well perhaps he did raid with his rainbow defense and this could be just a coincidence :thinking:


It is not mentioned in the notes but I hope I will be able to change my avatar after the upgrade.

Here it is mentioned


Yes, this new event will reflect blue.


When will this version be rolled out for other Android devices? I got update on one device, but not any other devices. Therefore I can only login on that single crap device!

I can’t answer to this, sorry :wink:

Gonna skip pulling for this event. Skills don’t interest me enough even with their gimmicks

Seeing who attacked you is a very neat addition, it will be easier to spot weakiest defender in your team

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Does anything reset the Rage?

I can see my attack teams only. Near my team I see a ? sign and can see my attack team. But I cannot see an opponent’s attack team.

The question mark shows what team they used to attack you. It doesn’t currently show up for EVERY attack yet… presumably that will roll through as time passes from everyone getting updated.

So far… yeesh, my defense is getting beat by some teams with 600 less power. I mean, I knew that was probably the case, but actually seeing it… ouch. :wink:

Good gaming!

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