Release notes 22.1 request for clarification

@Sara @Petri

May I ask what exactly has been improved in this notes:

„ * General optimisations and improvements.“

Isn’t that programmerspeak for “bug fixes”?


It is. It basically means “we fixed some bugs nobody was aware of, refactored some code and updated external libraries to the latest versions. Oh, and our new intern Joe made his first commit. Hope he didn’t break anything.”


EDIT: misunderstand,… like @grzechol said :+1:

It‘s also a handy term for stealth nerfs :blush:

“Elemental chest now give you only scabbard and grey tokens, but we made the chest glittered”

Finally :face_with_monocle:


OH NO. The game is trending towards Candy Crush now.

Not to mention THIS.


Marketing speak

I agree.

It is often recommended by marketing, and legal, so people update to the newest version as soon as possible instead of waiting for the reviews and guinea pigs, er, first adopters to discover any game breaking bugs.

It also sounds better than “Finally found, and patched, that one exploit that the Quality Assurance team found, that may only work on the test server ( or not ) but was not detected on the live server.” That is always a fun code to run down.

Luckily I have Hansel and my wife has Gretel

That is not even the most disturbing thing.

Rumor says Skittleskull’s hat is deeply disturbing. Raiding against that will be creepy.


I really, really, really want Nyan cat replacing ducks in the sky.

Song included.

New costume for the dragon. You hit him enough and he comes swooping down through the streets of the stronghold with his tongue lolling out laughing hysterically.

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They did fix the fact that bluetooth was pausing when loading the game, at least on the iphone. Sorry to be all serious in a silly thread, lol.

Lol how dare you bring up relevant facts and genuine improvements :laughing:

what ever they did, if you run more than 1 account on same platform the wait times for training will bleed over and show on other account but mean nothing

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