Release notes 1.9 questions + clarity request

General note: I think you’ve got a bunch of curious players around here who would like to know what exactly hides behind the minor fixes and general adjustments :slight_smile: Community at large might not care much about some titan swiping faster or what not, but I’d be curious! Would be nice if you could list those too.

And speaking of that, I don’t know if these have been addressed, but there are two things about Thoth-Amun that could use being looked at. I’ve reported them before, but I don’t see them on the list (maybe they are hidden in the small adjustments, but I’ve no way of knowing :stuck_out_tongue: )

1. His minions are not consistent when it comes to buffs/debuffs.
They are affected by debuffs like chance to miss, but they they are not affected by buffs like increased attack. Every other damaging skill in the game has its effect increased/reduced by the attack modifiers and is affected by the chance to miss. I believe the minions should behave the same way for the sake of consistency and clarity. It would also help Thoth a little bit, and since he isn’t the hottest cake in the bakery currently it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

2. The minions spawn and attack animations shouldn’t prevent player movements on the board stealing precious seconds during fights.
I have observed the way the game works a little, for instance when it comes to gem combos. It knows the end result way before the gems appear on the map (hover over enemy hero as the combo starts, it will show the HP they will have when it ends, often being 0 with the hero still standing and getting hit :slight_smile: ), so since it’s calculated ahead of time, perhaps Thoth’s little guys could get similar treatment? Or some such. I’m sure there are ways to handle it and make him less clunky to use.


animation settings off and on. low quality medium quality and HD settings


I’m sorry if it’s in bad taste, but I’ll tag @Petri here since I’d like the developers to possibly answer these concerns as they’re about the patch note clarity.

Thanks for the feedback on the build notes, we’ll discuss here how we can improve them. Regarding the issues with Thoth-Amun, perhaps we can continue this discussion here: Thoth-amunnn - #5 by Ellilea?

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Thanks for the response :slight_smile: Sure, but I basically repeated the Thoth stuff here as an addition to the question about notes and whether it was hidden in the more enigmatic parts. I think it’s all been said by now, at least all I had to say. Have a good day.

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No problem :slight_smile:, we haven’t made changes to Thoth-Amunn, but I made a note to discuss your points.


I have concerns about the Special Skill adjustment for Defence Reduction debuffs. Sounds like this is aimed at Athena for yet another nerf :weary:.
A special Hero of the Month should be “Special.”

It feels like I bought a top race car for top dollar and then every couple months, the manufacturer goes into my garage and takes engine parts away.

I don’t understand. Can you please explain why special does not STAY special ?

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Athena hasn’t been nerfed. But previously using her in combination with Panther/Jackal/Falcon allowed defense debuffs well into the 90% armor reduction vs certain colors.

There were various levels of defense debuff cap discussed during the beta (originally it was lower than Athena by herself). Now using Athena + colored guardian gives you an increase over Athena by herself, just not as big as before.

w.r.t. to your racecar anaolgy, also think of the game balance. You may have a top end race car, but in actual racing, anyone can build a top-end engine, not just people who already built top-end engines. The way it is now, if you didn’t get Athena back in July or weren’t playing, your event and titan damage output is at a much lower threshold than anyone who started after that, with 0% chance of ever catching up.

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With not everyone having the update at the same time, will all be able to get all daily rewards?

A very helpful change in 1.9: when you change a hero lineup, the game now puts the best available troop with it. This is a huge improvement over having villagers straying into battle. Thank you!


daily rewards don’t start until Dec 1 I believe. It should be able to be downloaded globally. You can thank Apple and Google for your delays.


I was hoping, though I had seen someone post about rewards, probably read too fast.
Update was there this morning for me

Looks like the building time for TC20 was reduced?

I just started building my first one :stuck_out_tongue: and it takes “only” 4 days and not the 7 I thought it would take. Or was it just the research with 7 days?

Research is 7 days…