Release date for Hero classes 21-40

When are you going to let us talent beyond class 20 ? Hopefully in the near future .

I hope never. Power gap is already too much.


100 nodes and 20 layers of clothing per hero or bust

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Why would you need or even want to go past 20?

Yep, each node subsequent to +20 costing 125-250 emblems. Way to go, @COSSEY !!

:scream: This strikes me as a dreadful idea, stuff of nightmares really.

ummmmm never!!! we dont want anything beyond that…

Oh my goodness . I’m sure the emblems Will be of the same quantities as the first 20 . Power is the main goal of this game . Play the game to power up your heroes and troops so why stop at class 20 when 40 is the max .

It means Sha-Ji+40 can be as 4* hero base stat… holy healer :muscle:
And Nordri+40 can be as 5* hero base stat… Frida :innocent:
And Rigard+40 is equal to 6* hero :sparkles:
:scream: :scream: :scream:

certainly at some point, when enough of the spending player base has maxed out the bulk of the roster, the levels will be extended to stop people from being ‘finished’ and quiting the game.

but we are nowhere near that point.

if sg tripled the availability of emblems and increased the level caps, I would be in favor of this- even if it did increase the power delta between the top spenders and the rest because at the moment, emblem leveling could be bit faster.

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