Release a limited-edition hero

As everyone knows, all heroes in this game, though hard to obtain, can be obtained anyways if one is a really big spender.

Thus, I propose a release of a limited-edition hero, with 10 copies of that hero for example, and can be obtained through winning some special quests. After 10 copies of that hero are distributed to all the winners, no one else can ever obtain that hero again and this hero will not ever appear or be released again.

And of course, that hero must be super powerful and unique by any means, even stronger than all HOTMs and current powerful hero.

There are millions of players in this game. Having only 10 of one hero? Even 100 or 1000? I don’t see that being fun for moderate spenders and definitely not for FTP.

HOTMs and Event Heroes are plenty shiny.


This does seem like a way for 10 very strong players to obtain something that would then make them undefeatable and make all future tournaments and challenges pretty pointless…

@Pshtaif, your going to need a very convincing argument for why this would be good for the game and not completely break it :man_shrugging:t3:


madden mobile had stuff like this a couple years ago. it was pretty cool. definitely wasnt for only 10 players though. and it definitely went almost entirely to paying players who were more capable of competing in any sort of timed event.

Make it’s primary special only usable vs titans

A prismatic Tarlak with 225% boost that only works when the enemy has more than 10x the hero’s HP.


Ok, that’s a pretty smart idea and a little less antisocial :slight_smile:

I suppose the thrust of my discomfort with the idea would then be whether the lucky winners alliance would get fed up if they scored A+ every time!

But hey, it’s all hypothetical, so I’m not going to get too vexed about it


I’d prefer sth like a personal hero.
Choose gender, clothes, hair, look, stats and specials.

Of course there has to be some kind of balance, too, but it would be nice to have sth unique.


Don’t they already have that? In fact he is so rare and limited edition he is impossible to get…


I actually have Bruce Lee on my roster- the only guy to beat Chuck on screen. :wink:


…by @Saphirra exclusively 4 me…


intense… taking this to a whole new level

edit: I think actually ranger is the wrong class. I think it should be a fighter that keeps coming back to life.

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Yes that ONLY 100% FREE TO PLAY can get


At first I said to myself “self is this too soon” but I was laughing so I decided it’s not. :joy:

Well done as always @Saphirra!!!

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I can’ get Grasshopper to wax on, wax off, lol.

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