Release a huge bundle of tanks all at once

I thought pre-Tellurious was tedious with all of the kunchens, ursenas and guins. But now it’s almost every team is telluria and vela with either JF or gravemaker.

I am happy for everybody who has these heroes but it’s boring only facing the same lineup repeatedly. It means I am not using the fullness of my roster but just the same offensive lineup in literally every raid.

The solution: release 1-2 new tanks for every color - all at once- of mostly equal value.

Is it practical? no idea, sg is usually very slow in their hero roll out.

Is it a good idea? yes because defense team diversity means gameplay diversity which increases the likelihood we enjoy playing the game and stick around.

Should diversity be limited only to tournaments and war? no because that’s just dumb- everything should be diverse in this game.

To be very honest, rather than release a new set of super hero tanks that people are obviously going to vent about. And spend even more money to get.

My view is revisit all the old redundant S1 heroes, in particular the “slow” ones and beef them up - what about a good fast Justice, Quintus, Khagan, Thorne and a super Horghall. Lots of players currently have those in their roster but leave them on the bench. How different would that be


if they were going to make season 1 5* heroes good again, they would have done it by now.

Just release a new seasonal event with lots of tanks and break up the monotony. Maybe a summer Olympics event given that there wont be an actual Olympics this summer.

But leaving them redundant breaks the game for those players who can only get 5 star out of TC20.
I have lost count of the number of Justice, Thorne, Khagan I have received from TC20
That leaves some players who won’t be able to complete in the same way that even c2p can.
And it would cost SG far less to improve S1 heroes than it would to develop new ones.
They have half good base heroes to build on as a starter for ten


I dont know dude- I feel like your idea deserves a separate thread. my idea is simply releasing a lot of tanks all at once so as to get rid of the flavor of the month defense team trend where every team ends up the same.


I agree completely!

It feels like all my assaults are against the same person over and over again.

And it’s not about power or difficulty.
It’s about how boring the situation becomes.

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