Release 20 mentioned in the message (should be v19) [MASTER]


me too


IT’S A TYPO! They wouldn’t put v20 out just before the event (and a few days after v19), without it going through beta. V20 will likely come to beta after the event and we will be on v19 for a while in the regular game


I’m going with typo… there haven’t been nearly enough whispers about which heroes are getting rebalanced and how, yet.


help, I’m gonna be left behind


hello . update automatically does or I have to do somehow?


Corrected lol


It’s an error, but obviously the devs should issue a note in-game.


Deux mise à jour en 1 minute, on passe de v20 a v19 ???


KL… just own up. Big goof!


V.19 was issued 2 days ago (or so). Why are you issuing this now?


Because they want to, that’s why.


How do i get on beta testing team?


Search the forum and you should find your answer.


That’s really your response? Search forum? Wow.


I’ve spent a ton of time on this game and a bit of real money. You make a huge error, and I call it out politely. I ask about helping, and you tell me to go fetch?


@zephyr1 it goes a bit of topic here

It’s now ingame confirmed to be a mistake. New message is up.
That’s a good way to hype as for any new stuff


How is that of topic? The correction was made and germaine to the conversation.



THAT was a typo! lol


I don’t work for sgg lol.


Well, on to a new rant. I’ll create a new topic and it won’t be received well, but the invite thing is a death nell for games.