Relative newbie - help me choose

Hello everyone. I have been playing for a few weeks now and have reached a point where I am doing OK, but am a little confused on how to construct a winning team. These screen shots show my main heros. I also have baseline 3-star Gunnar, Friar Tuck, Belith, Jahangir, and Azar. Any advice on how to put together a decent defence team - I am struggling to balance attack, defence and healing.


First priority should be pick a rainbow team - one of each color, and feed them your feeders of that color until they are finished or stuck waiting on ascension items.

You seem to have chosen Khiona, Wu, Aegir, Melendor, and Scarlett. Given your roster, that looks good. Keep feeding them and since they will be pretty much your strongest heroes, use them as your defense team too.

If you don’t have the materials to ascend Scarlett, work on another red. Colen is a reasonable choice there…

When you finish any one of them, you’ve got a new choice to make.

In some cases it is worth dropping a hero as soon as you get somebody better. I wouldn’t recommend that in your case.

Later, of those heroes, Wu Kong is good on offense, GREAT on titans, and meh on defense; finish him and your next yellow might be better for defense. Scarlett is also a bit fragile on defense but she hits hard so not awful.


I would recommend you to focus on Khiona, Wu Kong, Kiril Melendor, Caedmon and Gretel first.
Get Khiona to 70, and the 4* to at least 60, better would be 70. You don’t need 5* yet, it’s more important to build up a Base of good 4*. first, but since you dont have a purple 4* yet, Khiona is a good choice.
Once you got Wu Kong to 60, Switch to Gretel an Max her. She is great and Wu Kong is more important for Titans, not for Defense.

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Gretel is great on offense, but not for defense. She is fragile, and she doesn’t even hit hard. (Scarlett is a glass cannon; Gretel is a glass B.B. gun)

Her mana control is absolutely fantastic…if you can target it in the right place! On defense, the AI will waste it 95% of the time.

I’d max Wu before even starting her unless you lack the materials to ascend him.

Caedmon is another really good hero; well worth doing when Melendor is finished or stuck. Which first would be a toss up if Mel wasn’t well along already.

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I gave you general leveling advice.

My other suggestion is not to worry much about your raid defense team at this point in the game.

A good defense team keeps you from losing as many cups, but you really don’t benefit much from keeping them anyways.

There are only a few reasons to really care about how effective your defense is:

  1. If keeping higher cups makes it possible to raid yourself into a higher bracket (silver, gold, platinum, or diamond) when you open your heros wanted mission chest, as the loot improves.
  2. If you are trying to stay at #1 or in the top 10 or too 100 on the leaderboard.
  3. If you are trying to meet a requirement to join an alliance.

But if you are consistently in the same bracket, don’t worry about it.

And don’t worry if you lose 100 or 200 trophies overnight. That ya totally normal, no matter how good your defense is unless you don’t raid at all or you always lose your raids.

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Thanks both for all the suggestions. I was not getting on well with Aegir, so for blues for now I have put Valen back in Team 1, and will focus on getting Kiril levelled up to take over. Aegir can wait for when I am better I think.

I feel like your best bet here new guy, is to focus your effort on Dawa. Dawa is a really strong hero as others in this forum will tell you.

Best of luck newbie, hope you stick around :+1:


Yes I agree with @Yomagn-tho and welcome to the forum @Steve9999 :+1:t2: