Reinstalling game - huge problem

OK, as I’ve already said I have huge problem!

As I couldn’t see Mystic Vision for months I had to use VPN and it worked.

About an hour ago I’ve updated android and VPN (any) didn’t work anymore.

I’ve uninstalled game and when I try to install it again it stack every time at 82% (83,17Mb) and won’t go further and install.

Please help me about this problem and tell me for the beginning how to install game.

Phone restart don’t help.

Have you got plenty of memory available?

Sorry, I can’t think of any other solution

Yes, 2.7Gb RAM free, and 9Gb storage free.

Since install from GPlay didn’t work properly, I’ve downloaded it from apkpure and just manage to install it.

However, Mystic vision still doesn’t work, even through VPN…

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