Reimbursement for gems when name change is for a memorial


I know with the new update, the cost for a name change raised from 100 gems to 500. I’m sure there’s reasons behind it. But I’m asking for there to be a way to reimburse or credit a player’s account when the name change is for a memorial. We build friendships within this game that matter and so when we lose one of those friends, we like to honor them with changing our game name to reflect their name too. We shouldn’t have to spend 500 gems to do this. This should be something we can do for very little gems or even free. It’s a way to grieve and mourn and the devs shouldn’t be able to make a buck off of our pain. So if there’s something that can be done, it would be appreciated.


Hi @Jennah,

I am deeply sorry to hear these news and would like to offer my most sincere condolences, on behalf of myself and the whole team. This is indeed a sad and unfortunate event.

Apokaside was an important member of the community. Rather than a name change, I would suggest for example creating a thread here on the forum as a memorial for all the positive, fun and nice things about him. You can also do that in the chat, if you wish.

The cost of the name change was increased to protect our players from impersonators and trolls.

Kind regards,