Reign of Apathy



Seeking active members! Come rock out with us. Can you hit a titan three times a day? Will you swing your axe in the next war? Reign of Apathy is the place for you! Currently have 2 openings and running 6 :star: Titans!


Currently full! Will update if more are needed.

Happy hunting!


One open spot! Get in while the gettin’ is good!


Now 2 open spots. We would love to see you!



One spot at the bar!




Hey all! We had one leave for college so there’s a spot! Cold :beer: :beers: and :cocktail:


Corner spot just opened at the bar. Makes 2 openings now, come get some!!


Looks like another one fell off their barstool.

3 spots, getting closer to 7 :star2: Titans.



1 spot


Back to 1 open spot. Every other 7 :star2: titan drops.

Currently on a 2 win streak for wars :sparkler: :fireworks:


Apologies, though I don’t think this is often read, I’ve been failing to update.

Two open slots working on a 6 :star2: titan


3 open spots. On the verge of 7 :star2: titans


Now one open spot! 7 :star2: titans drop regularly. Currently on a winning war streak.


:cyclone: Two spots open. :cyclone:

  • Six war attacks expected.

  • 7 &8 :star2: Titans.

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