Regular Rare quests, INCLUDING challenge event weeks

I am not unhappy that we can get a Rare at the same time as an AQ.


If it’s okay to have a Rare literally overlapping an AQ, then why would it be bad to have a Rare even in the same week as a Challenge (or even overlapping)?


Its all good to have it on a weekly basis either there is challange event or alliance quest or whatever. The most important is that this rare quest spawn every week. Thank you dev!

Well done, @BobTheSnark ! We (mostly you) did it!

Thanks for your advocacy on this issue.


Can we get a choice when it comes to asend items

Thank you… but it’s a very limited win. I should have really done a better job of emphasizing that I and we were really hoping for a slight increase in earnable mats in addition to the regularity, and apparently – I didn’t.

I’m sorry to have failed the community.

I don’t think you failed. Many have tried to break the stinginess with mats; no one has done it. SGG is going to be stingy with materials as long as people are willing to pay for them. You can’t change that.

The predictability of quests is a win, in my book. We know when these quests will come and, importantly to me, when we will be guaranteed aethers and alphas. We know how to allocate WE better because the quest will always come on the same day at (presumably) the same time. Don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

What I was asking for was far from the “perfect.” (And it remains to be seen how “good” what we are getting will actually be.)

I’m not actually convinced that I haven’t helped to make things worse

  1. I’m not sure that SG’s stated average Rares/year over “the past few years” isn’t actually less than, say, the last year

  2. Even if that number is accurate for the last year, now that number is fixed and non-increasing (and since SG has “given” us this, any further requests along the lines of “but can’t we have even a few more at all, given the ridiculous increase in hero release rate” will be sneered at by apologists as “lol moving the goalposts lol” despite a modest increase being part of what I was pushing for)

  3. Now the whole issue has been moved from something players could very much agree on (“we want more regular Rare quests AND we’d like even a few more please”) to something that pits players against each other (“WHICH DAY???”), obscuring that we are getting, at best, zero increase, and maybe even a decrease.

I feel like a terrible negotiator that I wasn’t taking @Xisinia’s suggestion (two Rares per week) as at least my starting point, partly because it is more than justifiable compared to the increase in hero release rate, and partly because being haggled down from double might have gotten us a modest increase, instead of “modest” down to “zero or even slightly less.”

FWIW, I have now written an open letter to SG on this topic (both for consideration here on the forums and submitted to Customer “Support”).


I get where you are coming from, and more free mats is always a good thing. For this FTPer, though, I have more than enough of everything but tabards. Good heroes just don’t come around that often for me. So the regularity is still an improvement for me. Sorry if that’s cold comfort.


Since SG seems to have misunderstood, misinterpreted, or chosen to misinterpret this request, I have started a NEW request, very explicitly

52 Rare Quests a year

If you support this idea, please head on over to the newest thread and vote (and comment) – thank you to everyone who’s supported this idea so far, and let’s continue to work to make SG hear what we would actually like!


thanks for reacting and responding, I do appreciate that.

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