Regular Rare quests, INCLUDING challenge event weeks

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Customer service just told me they only run this quest 2x a month. No doubt this is their plan, to make the rare quest even rarer. I think I will start looking for a new game.


I don’t even have a snark for this - either customer service is wrong in what they said, and saying so is horrible customer service, or customer service is telling us SG’s sudden new policy, which is worse

sad Bob


Well I am done buying ascendion materials, and I am done wasting money on pulls. Given sg greed, I think we’re almost done here


I would like 2 regular rare quests per week


Wouldn’t that be something?

…and honestly, not an unreasonable ask, given the hero release rate… let’s look at some extremes:

In 2019, there were

  • 35 new heroes released,
  • 28 of which were 5* heroes.

In the first three months of 2023, there were

  • 41 new heroes released (not counting costumes),
  • 32 of which were 5* heroes.

So actually even doubling the frequency of Rare quests would not be close to keeping up with the change in hero release rate between these two time periods.


I agree completley but honestly why would they do it they dont seem to care much about keeping players.


We are at the 31st week of the year and I am counting at least 24 items received from the rare quests this year.

Ontopic: with so many new quests and events, I find it hard to believe there is a way to spawn the rare quests when there is no other important quest without reducing the rare quests frequence.

  1. Sundays would probably do fairly well much of the time

  2. SG doesn’t mind having other events overlapping (see, e.g., screenshots upthread), so why should Rare quests be a problem

  3. Are there players who actually have a problem with having marginally more, and more predictable, max size ascension materials which can be earned in-game reliably (as opposed to “hope you roll well on tItans/chests/etc drop or, of course, just outright buy the mats”)?

Most of the time I feel like I use the WE gauge as an excuse to get out of the game for now (and yet still complete most everything I care about). Worst case scenario, burning a WE flask to earn a guaranteed blade/tome/rings/etc. sounds like a better use than most for WE flasks, I’d guess.


So the Rare quest is actually back this week, but obfuscated because the pointless greyed-out Challenge icon is just too gosh-danged important apparently :stuck_out_tongue:

(Also note that once again there is apparently no problem running a Rare at the same time as a Super Whoopie Mega Ultra Double Elemental quest, so why is running one during a Challenge week — especially if scheduled to not even overlap with the actual Challenge event — allegedly a problem?! Seriously.)


I’d like to say I’m still salty about missing the rare quest 2 weeks ago. It is such a slow drip for mats and that rule was made when the game was different. What it really meant was that Kalevala was not a bonus mat. It just replaced the rare quest. It sucked the joy out of the seasonal event for me and was way more work for the normal thing. Rare mats are too rare and that was a real kick in the teeth.


Right? “Instead of doing a regular 5-stage Rare quest for a big ascension item, do SIXTY STAGES OF KALEVALA AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAH”

(yes, okay, you get more than a scope from all the Kalevala stages, but still)

I get that SG wants to sell us ascension items, I get that the game is a business, I get it to the max.

But for Pete’s sake, it takes six scopes to ascend a blue. Letting us earn one through gameplay every seven weeks (in the case of actually regular weekly Rares) is pretty unlikely to keep anyone from buying ascension items (especially with the increased number of portals, summon coins, SE, and the pity counter).

Put another way, if the Rare were guaranteed weekly, through gameplay players would be guaranteed of the opportunity to earn enough mats to fully ascend one 5* hero of each color…

…per year.

Sure titans, chests, war chests, blah blah blah, but that’s all “clear sky lightning” odds. What you could count on? One. One hero of each color.

Right now, it’s not even that.


So it looks like September 2023 will have two Challenge events and Cashkateers in back-to-back-to-back weeks.

I can only hope that this won’t be an “excuse” to cancel the Rare quest for several or even all those weeks.

I suppose I might just about hope that some non-negligible number of us might refuse to spend at any portal that does pre-empt a Rare, in hope of really capturing SG’s attention on this issue.


I very much hope they’re not setting a new precedent with the mat summon coming out. We would like to use the heroes we get. It gets so old waiting for them to be outdated before we can ascend them with the scarcity of mats. I would probably spend more if I could ascend more. But they just sit there and now we have to wait even longer because of this antiquated rule implemented at a time when the game was not the same. If someone doesn’t have time or WE to do it, so be it. They are not part of the active player base that keeps this game afloat. It is a small thing that we look forward to every week. It doesn’t mess with your bottom line, devs. It just enrages is when it’s removed.


Commenting to keep this bumped because I can’t believe only 63 people have voted on it! Perhaps because we have discussed it on other threads, members forgot to vote here. Please vote, forum friends!

It’s a simple, easy to implement concept that I have never heard a bad word against. While I can’t vote for my alliance since only a few have accounts here, I give you +29 more honorary votes from my crew @BobTheSnark :crossed_swords:


So we can have a Challenge event and a Costume chamber together (not just overlapping, but starting at the same time), but not a Rare and a Challenge at the same time?


and to just point out the obvious, the CC is longer and more difficult than a bog-standard Rare quest

Personally, I’d rather have a Rare quest overlap even both the Challenge and the Costume events, even if it meant using the freebie WE flask from the Challenge event to help move along the Rare (instead of blowing the WE flask on trying to improve my Challenge rewards from the “nope” tier to the “still nope” tier)…

rather than just delaying/skipping the Rare quest.

[Edited to add]:

SG: “It would be TOO much world energy to have a Rare at the same time as a Challenge!”

Also SG: “Have a Challenge and a Costume at the same time. Also? On the day they both start?”


@Petri oh so care to explain why you have no problem running extra challenge event in a month?

Or explain why we can’t have rare quest during challenge event but we can have challenge event AND Costume chamber at the same time?

What excuse can the Dev hide behind this time I wonder?

I want to be respectful but respect goes both ways, I feel like being disrespected and insulted taking the community for fools.

BTW, this wasn’t a mistake, it was planned and intentional. Notice there are 2 extra bounties in PoV, so it was planned and accommodated for, it wasn’t by mistake.


Let’s not forget about the POG which has 2 different map season challenges. At least we can combine the Season 3 challenges.


Hi, the above information is inaccurate. We’ll review this with our customer support team. Rare Quests are regularly reoccurring events, not activities that are routinely planned.

Regarding the request to allow Rare Quests to spawn during Challenge Events, we are looking into this from our side (I can’t promise immediate changes, though).


Or you can make Challenge events a weekly events so Rare quest can never spawn. It’s already bi-weekly atm :rofl: This change didn’t take long to be implemented it seems.