Regular quests : add some more for high lvl players

Hello everyone,

May I suggest to add some more regular quests, but for “high level players” ?

Right now, for example, I’m missing food. Like, I’d need a million to be able to keep leveling up the actual heroes I’m working on.

But when I go on food quests, the amounts we can win are simply ridiculous…

Would it be possible to add some reg quests for food/iron or w/e like that but with decent amount for high lvl player ?

I’d not mind using 10 energy point if that was to be able to get like 500k food from one of these quests…

Just a thought today.

Bye & good luck !

See also:

You may do better to add your voice to existing posts than to start a new one. :slight_smile:


I am also a high level player and I cannot complete food mission as I cannot get rid of it! What will be the effort for me?

Sorry Sir, I searched (fastly) & didn’t see that.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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@Rook While you’re on merge-fest, anything that should be done with these? (see above)

No, your links are sufficient thank you. I’m actually going to close this as a duplicate to “Scalable Level Quests”. :slight_smile:

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