Regular chests?

I do not know what is happening!
Yesterday out of a normal 100 mobs chest I get an epic hero summon token. (The first ever since March last year).
Todat out of the same normal 100 mobs chest I get a tornado (second time ever since March last year).

Should I go buy a lotery ticket or is all the luck I have used for the year 2019 now?

I don’t know what is happening to me with the generous results from two consecutive chests and these rewards. Normally I am happy when I have more than 2 gems, that is a good day…

Nothing changed in playstyle, way of opening or way of filling the chests.

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Gratz! Can you give me a bit of your luck, please :star_struck:

Nothing changed for me.

Don’t buy a lottery ticket though.

You just used all your luck for 2019 to get a 3 star summon and a consumable in a mobile game.

Well done


shoves the pot of gold to @Sorsha

@Suicide_Bunny :frowning:
Thank you for saving me the trip to the lotery selling office!

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Well received @HarryDeB

Can you come open my next chest?

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You should scroll this topic

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Yes it happens.

Got a 4* ascension stuff this morning (the book) & already got a fiew in the past.

Never stop believing aha

aka tome of tactics

20 stufffssssss & lolzzzz

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Aha yeah, sorry, my game ain’t in english, didn’t know the right word :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well sometimes the game gives unexpectedly :slight_smile:

I found my old screen

Yes, this is monster chest :slight_smile:

Who wants to message the devs for me and give them an idea about adding a personal message icon in game so you can private message team mates that dont look at the alliance chat and arnt on our.discord channel

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