Regular 5* heroes are obsolete with the added family bonus to Challenge Event heroes

Congratulations SG for making everybody spend money on a events summons. And making regular five*heroes obsolete with the added family to even four stars well outmatch any regular five star team


Going to use a rainbow set of avalon heros? Or guin and merlin duo? How bout a arthur lance duo?

Idk family bonuses have always been overrated in my personal opinion

The costume bonuses for regular heros will be more useful than family bonuses in the long run i think due to more versatility and less restrictions


Actually, the best will come for those who are lucky enough to have Arthur/Lady/Morgan, or (yikes) Black Knight and Guin also. that’s a team I would raid with v Blue.

The real prize is Shrek.

He’s going to be fun in 3* tourneys and events.

We really need to complain about how our season 1 3* are obsolete. :slight_smile:

I have all but knight and lake. So far never used any of them in the same team and doubt i ever do. For sure not spending mats on Arthur or morgan just to get the bonus when frida and locke are better offensively

Just me tho


Did 30 pulls and not a single 5*. So yea 4* is all I got and out of all of that one 4* event hero and a 3* which all got eaten minis the 4* event hero. What a joke!


Sounds bout right

Took me 2 yrs to get guardian panther. 1.5 yrs to get guin

That’s 2 different events with a minimum of 5 10x pulls per event over that course of time

Just way it goes. Sucks but never seen any sign of change from devs on the odds


If I’m not mistaken… I think the odds were tweaked DOWN for this event.

Because of the opportunity for the event tokens and more “free chances”


Thought they were tweaked up?

Portal says increased chance for legendary

Well it’s still a joke and I’ll won’t spend any more money on this game. I’ll keep on killing 5* with 4*


I really like Merlin and sir is only 3/60 so as for the 5* no clue. Event heroes are better then season 1 heroes sorry I can’t help ya

Hahaha I like this…

They have their different uses.

S2 vs s1 is the better argument than event vs s1

Either way, the family bonuses didn’t give them a sudden power boost since the game is built on color stacking and the bonuses apply to “unique” heros in your lineup so therefore is a pain to utilize outside of maybe defense but then you usually have better options for more synergy, especially since event 5s are typically average mana or slower and the game is in a fast/v fast meta

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I think Family bonuses are most useful for building your defense team. Not much use outside of that, and even when it comes to defense not all heroes in the same family have good synergy.

For offense it’s likely going to be limited to 2 colors max to be of much use, which usually means you’re getting a family bonus of 2% ~ 5% or whatever… Unless you raid with rainbow teams which makes your tile damage awful, and therefore not worth it.

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LOL. Massive overreaction. Wrong on many levels.

Game is 100% pay to win at this point. Greed level has increased. New owners can get bent - not spending a penny more. Unless you spend thousands you will never be competitive.

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They just extended the reward tiers for the events, included more emblems for completion, and added free chances at event heros which they never had. How exactly is that an increase?

1 % chance for an event.5*!

You sir… need to read better.

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