Regrettable the game sinks

level 68 player my name in game loki
since support, your answering machine refers me here because they are useless
They only want money and I am a completely legal player has not taken advantage of any error in his game and there are many of whom, like the last one, were able to raise heroes and troops to full
They say that everything is random and the great lie on which this game is based even putting money in the math is there and I have shown it to them but when you tell them the truth their favorite excuses and lies are chance, their many percent false and but the game is unbalanced
The game is unbalanced for a long time more than 100 invocations and not a 5 * hero, 4 * ascension materials in more than 9 months 6 I have to wait every 2 months and something to collect 4 * materials or else buy them mostly volumes of tactics and we are on our way for more than a year without materials, I have shown it actively and passively with facts, not with lies and cheap excuses like them and I am a player for more than 3 years playing
They themselves have confirmed that my account is C (if there are accounts A and C) that they have reviewed my account and everything is very clear that it is fine, it is perfect because I am a legal player
They only want money, they take out a thousand events, a thousand heroes, but the material and summoning rates continue to decrease.
and they are not special as they say but from field 20
enough of having so little shame and lies that even themselves believe many top players and alliances are leaving the game for the same
The customer service support is null, where they refer me is null because they say that they are pending and that the players will solve the problems for me and what are they for?
I know there will be a lot of criticism since there is a lot of troll but the truth and as I have shown you only has one way for zynga and you only make money excuses and lies


What ???


To be honest I read your post 3 times and didn’t really understand what it was you were asking of people?
Who referred you to the forum and why? For what purpose?


because customer service support that is an answering machine
more than a year without 4 * materials more than 100 invocations and spending money and gems and they say that everything is random they themselves have confirmed that my account is C to what they say there are no accounts A B C
There are many players who have taken advantage of their failures like the last one and have raised heroes troops … and those of us who are legal are not
They say that if this is the case they unbalance the game when the game has been unbalanced for a long time because they only want money
They refer you to that everything is chance when with their own percentages I have shown it to them they have lowered rates of everything they take out new heroes and events just for money they say that everything is chance and blah blah blah their favorite excuses and lies

thanks but there are epiphanies that are not true and this is a great truth

that is based on you spending money but luck is what they want is more proven

May I ask what your native language is?
Chances are, with some help, we can understand you better :thinking:

my language spanish sorry by translate

With 100 pulls at a 2.5% chance of getting a 5* you have a 7.9% cumulative chance of getting none at all. WIth a million users (all pulling at different rates, but eventually hitting that 100 mark) that equates to 80000 who are in the same situation as you…

The odds are clearly conveyed, and I have not seen anything to suggest that they are not accurate

You specify that the probabilities are what they want, there are accounts A. B C you even say it to yourself as 100 the percentage that there is on that their lies and excuses are based, not by many who throw the percentage is different, the percentage is individual, not compulsory

What are accounts A, B and C? What does that mean?

I don’t understand any part of what you just said


easy there are accounts A B C
accounts Where they give all material heroes …
B half counts
C that they do not give them almost anything
this is something that has been said for a long time

And this has been said by whom…?

for everyone who has been in the game for a long time what happens that they deny it but it is clairvoyant

So basically said by anyone who has not had good luck in pulling. Got it. Extremely reliable source.

I understand that you are one of those who believes the lies and excuses of the game and it is not frustration as your beloved game says but justice I have given examples maybe you are one of those who takes advantage of their mistakes and the water dances them you will surely be told Because you are your most reliable, mine goes with facts and proven, look at all the top players who have left for the same thing


I get it now. We were all assigned a house like Harry Potter when we joined.

I got to be in Slytherin (clearly A) and you got Hufflepuff (clearly C)

So whilst I waltz through the game getting everything all the time* as befits my status you get nothing as befits your status.

Which of course everyone in the game knows to be true

or nothing like what I just said, it’s just luck and it’s possible to do 100 summons and not get a 5*…it’s on the poor side of luck but possible. Why you haven’t had any 4* materials I have no idea…the game gives them out for free, albeit not quickly but still…4 this month for example, just complete the quests


I’m not going to spend time answering you just telling you to stay in your harry potter world :wink:

I will thanks!

But it is just luck and I do seem to sit on the good side of the bell curve. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Just sometimes you get lucky.

I spend but not thousands, sometimes I get nothing in a 10 pull, sometimes I get 2 5*.

But I get it, it’s frustrating. I don’t for 1 second believe they have special camps that accounts sit in.

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Please share your facts and proven

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