Regarding the Gigantic Discount Offer

We have been overwhelmed by the interest in the Gigantic Discount Offer. While we have a large variety of offers available, they trigger based on everybody’s individual progress. This means that there is no guarantee that a specific offer is seen by everybody.

Based on the community feedback, we have decided to discontinue the Gigantic offer for the time being. However, we do have plans to add more cool offers in the future for all players, and we will listen closely to the player feedback on this matter.


In the past updates, we introduced many new offers into the game. Some of the offers are available to everybody, while others target (for example) new players or the most loyal fans of the game. One of the offers we introduced was the Gigantic Discount Offer.

The idea of the Gigantic Discount Offer was to identify the people who have been playing the game for a very long time, but still haven’t made a single purchase. We wanted to try to make them an offer they simply could not refuse. Even though it is completely obvious in hindsight, we failed to consider how this would feel to all the people who were ineligible for the offer.

We are trying our best to listen to the community. At the same time we are building a game that needs to support its own development. We stand by our decision to show different offers to different people. However, in this case the Gigantic Discount Offer was simply unfair. We have discontinued the offer, and will try to come up with new offers that can be shared with a larger part of the community.

We messed up, and for that I apologise.


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