Regarding the fairy morgane, is it a B U G or not?

If we look at the skills of my morgane fairy (level 55). We can see that his skills are level 8 (so maximal). Yet if we look at the points of life she withdraws when she releases her special. They are only 544 while if the special skill is maximum level, its special should be at 672 health over 4 rounds. So that means his stage is not at the maximum level.

I leave it to the site manager to move the subject if he is not in the right place or if this topic has already been dealt with. (I do not find any trace).

Thank you for the answers.

It is my understanding that this (and damage over time) increase with your statistics. So in the same way a 200% damage is affected by your attack stat, the amount of health over time is affected by (presumably) your health stat.

I had the same with lady Locke damage over time. But with troops increasing her attack stat, she is now better than the maximum card shows


It’s the same with Gravemaker so I think it’s a feature, not a bug

The DOT increases as you level the hero up. So first go level her up to lv80 and you will be ok. No worries.

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I think it is not bug, it also same as Proteus, the damage is based on attack stat, so while you leveling up, it will increase the damage skill output.

So for morgan skill, it is the health stat.

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Mine shows 684 with emblems and does 796 damage with troops. Will have her over 800 soon. As she heals herself with it and the special is fast I really like her.

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thanks for your answer

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