Regarding Rate of Growth of New Players

i have made a similar post about new joiners cant catch up w/s/e and got attacked mostly by the high ranked ppl that dont want anyone to catch up with them, we lost good paying players with very good heroes who quit the game already, and the idea of me quitting is not far from me to be honest, im not going to wait over a year to have full maxed team while who is angry i complain made theirs in few months and whole game is 1 year old and they want us new joiners to suffer years as a revenge which i dont understand why, no one will play the game if he / she is 100% sure he cant catch up with the rest of the people specially if he/ she is paying money to do that and find him self with full bag of 5* heroes that he cant upgrade any.

ATM 4* AM drops from 9*+ titans only and if you got once from lower titans… well we are not all lucky as you i got 0 4* AM since i joined the game 4 month ago and to join an alliance that can kill 10* titan they will need you to be stronger than having 5 of 5* heros none of them is maxed so the only hope for us new joiners is to wait 1 offer a month to get 1 4* AM from an offer cost 100 Euro which means each hero will cost me 500 Euro for AM only im not even talking about the food you will spend on it and a lil math you will need 2500 euro to max 5 heroes and 25 month waiting for offers which means 2 years !!!

and before you tell me there is events … well we got 0 chance to win anything cuz the events are driven to make the top 100 people even stronger and we end up with daily summon token :smiley:

the next summer event will give poison darts by defeating a team that is 4000 in power which means you already need to be maxed to do that event and get that 1 dart.

who doesn’t agree with me please dont reply to me because i already know you are not suffering what almost every new joiner suffer so please dont bother.

im this close to quit this game.


Let me tell you a little story.

I started playing this game around the end of August last year. I started out the same way everyone else did: Bane, Layla, an ascended Sharon, Brand, and a green hero that I don’t remember the name of. I didn’t want to pay any money, so I set off to grind my way up.

The going was rough. Besides the starter Bane, I didn’t get my first 3* hero for a month (Isshtak, if I recall), and that was just getting lucky at the daily summon. Once I finally got a training camp up to 13 (I think around November, so 3 months), I finally received my first 4* hero Sonya. For months, I continued to feed that TC13 recruits and ham and items and got very little for my investment. It was January, I believe, when I finally assembled a full 4* rainbow team. Up to that point, I didn’t even know that I needed ascension materials, so I hadn’t been collecting them, so once I hit that wall I started finding every opportunity I could to get them, and at that low level it was a struggle to even finish the penultimate level of the rare quests just to get the 3* materials.

As I became more powerful, though, doors started opening up. Grinding up my buildings gave me more resources to put toward leveling, training, and item crafting. Scrounging enough mats to ascend just one of my 4* heroes allowed me to item-spam my way through challenge events and rare quests to get those ascension mats, which accelerated my growth. Building up a training camp to TC gave me a few 5* heroes to work with, too (even though 3 of them were Thornes :smile: ).

So now after 10 months of play, I’m almost done ascending a second 4* rainbow team to max and have plenty of other heroes waiting for leveling as well. My trophy count hovers between 2000-2200, firmly within platinum. I’m in an alliance taking down 5-6* titans. I can complete every tier of every challenge event using my 4* heroes. I’m almost ready to start leveling my 5* heroes. I do pay a little here and there when a good offer appears, but I consider myself in the “cheap to play” category.

I know that I am one of the people that you want to catch up to so badly and that my voice is apparently not welcome in your echo chamber of frustration, but I know what it’s like to struggle at the bottom. The only real difference is that I put in the time and effort to get what I have, and I realize that I still have a long way to go before I can compete with the top tier players (if I can at all).

So please do consider whether you want to go through the same struggles. I guarantee that you can get to the same spot in the game that I’m currently in with 10 months of play, likely much less than that. If that’s not good enough and you’re sufficiently frustrated with the game, then please don’t frustrate yourself. Find something else you like; there’s plenty of games out there that would probably suit you better. Life is too short to spend a lot of time doing something you hate.


Although it says 4000 team power with the right items you can still finish that with a max 4* team. The thing about putting money in the game is that although it speeds up your progression, you lose out on learning the essential tricks and strategies that you obtain by grinding up from the very bottom. Besides more resources, there is a reason why the top players still get the top scores in the Rare event. The conditions are pretty even but the difference is that they know how to utilize their heroes and items better. Don’t expect to pay your way to the top if you don’t know how to use your heroes. I am at 3 months into the game by the way and am already working on my 2nd rainbow 4* team. Since I started on the forums early on I knew not to mess around with 5* and to get my 4* to max first because it will give me more chances at ascension items. I will tell you that my Delilah needs those poison darts and I am 100% going to get them with my 4* team.


the issue is there is no guide to tell you dont start with 5* team, and im not saying the people on top dont deserve to be there, i dont want to go over and over with everything i said over there and i get the exact same reasons that i never talked about, every game including the one i own start hard but once there is 1 year passed developers should think about who joined new and how to catch up or there will always be 1 year gab between new joiners and the rest, which will lead to a massive quitting from the people who join new,

if you want to see the server with the same names always and new joiners come and go all the time then keep it like this and im sure the server after few years will not even have enough revenue to survive same as many games who started big and closed after 2 to 3 years,

to keep a server alive and get a stable income to pay your host / employee you need to care about your new joiners because they will not wait years to reach where people are.

you cant compare old players with new players and say well we suffered and you should suffer and i will tell you why.

when a game start everyone is at the same level same chances or maybe 2 to 3 month later you still not far behind you dont feel there is no hope, but when you join a year later and you see people with full maxed heroes and you need 1 to 2 years to reach that you will not be as happy playing it as the people who started fresh.

its the developers choice ofc and its their server not mine to decide what will happen, its just sad to see much good players leave the game for something can be fixed and its not boredom.


There is not a guide, but there are plenty of helpful folks on this forum and Peer Support chat that will help in that way for new players that ask.

I totally agree with you that keeping new players challenged and having fun, but also with hope of achieving the highest goals is important.

I don’t agree that 2-3 months is a fair amount of time to build up to competing at the top. I’ve been playing 3 times that long and have been slowly and gradually improving that whole time. In the past month I have finally reached a spot where I can push into the top 100 on occasion. I have never felt that I should have been able to catch up faster.

I only use my own story to show that catching up is not impossible. Improvement of teams is always slow but it is on a curve and is not steady. Teams at the top take huge investments in time and $$ to improve tiny amounts. Teams at the bottom improve significantly almost daily and can do so for little to no $$. This leads to a natural closing of the gap. Additionally there are a number of breakthrough moments in the game that lead to spurts in team strength - TC13, TC20, Getting strong enough to complete rare quests, monthly events, etc. The top players have gone through all of these. They can’t reap their benefits again. For newer players, all of these are opportunities to close the gap.

It just isn’t the case that the rich just get richer in this game. Sure, the same faces win the events mostly. And yes they get a bunch of ascension items when they do. But what do they do with those? Ascend their 6th 4* green? 3rd 5* red? Its not useless; they do improve, but compared to the improvement when you get your first 4* rainbow team ascended, it’s nothing. You will get to 80% of their power by the time they improve 1%. You will start to slow then, but not as much as they do. You may never fully catch them, but you will get so close as to make the difference negligible.

Most importantly, if you focus on moving up the ladder rather than reaching the top (or near it), there is a lot of enjoyment you can pull from the game. I hope you find it :slight_smile:


2=3 month i meant the people who joined after the server started i didnt mean we should be maxed with 2=3 month , i been playing for 4 month and something now and i would be happy if i was able to even max 1 hero you understand me ?

but 4 month and i got 0 4* AM which you need 6 of them, well you do the math and tell me if you will be happy with this rate.

Yes I understand you. I promise you I feel your pain. I have lived through it. It’s just that we disagree on whether it is fair or not. And we disagree on the best solution to the frustration.

If you have 0 4* ascension items this tells me you have not been able to strengthen your team to the point where you can complete the rare quests. I respectfully suggest you focus on that as rare quests are by far the most reliable source of those materials. This is the route that most successful players I have seen have taken to max their heroes. Progressing your team to the level where completing these quests is possible (1st with heavy use of crafting items, later with fewer or none) is more productive than just hoping to get more of these items in chests.

It sounds (from our previous conversations) that you have a significant number of 4* heroes, if not a full rainbow team. Even if you don’t have the ascension materials for these, get them up to level 3/60. This should be enough to get through the rare quests. If not, ask for help here. People will be happy to give advice on team set-up, item use, and quest gaming strategy. This is your path if you want it. It’s the path I took and many others.

If you are desperate for more 4/5* heroes and have not been working toward TC 20 (Stronghold to 20, Iron stores to 18 necessary first), then I recommend focusing your building strategy there. It will take a good chunk of time, but is the most reliable source for heroes other than shelling out $$ (which also works :slight_smile: )

The game is slow. It has been since the beginning. It’s not worse now than when I started. I really hope you find enjoyment in journey. And I hope you don’t take offense to this advice.

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bro i just started reading and posting on the forum few weeks ago, im arabic guy and im sure there is maybe 2 or 3 people who even join the forum that can understand english, we had no guide or help and the arabic community in this game is huge, and they are all pissed on how the hero you pay for is not better than the one you can get for free, i know its better but i mean atm its not for us, and the fact that i need to farm and upgrade a 4* team now after 4 month while i got a full bag of all kind of 5 * heroes is just eehhh urg , i cant talk to the admins or i tried but got no reply but if you ask me how to fix this issue, the events as the one coming next should be twice a month and the last stage of it should be dealt differently depends about the word " hard " it should calculate your team power and make it hard according to it.
in this case everyone got the same chances to get AM items and still need to do some effort to get it.

let me ask you something also as i sense you are an old player, the events when the server started was this hard ? or it got harder and harder with the growth of you guys ?

if it got harder then how is that the same i face as you did face ?

how you were able to finish it or finish it and get rewards from it if the event was like the one b4 with redhood and rample etc … would you be able to finish this after 4 month from starting the server or the events was much easier ?

this is the 1st game that i feel its wrong to pay for it lol cuz if i didnt pay i would have full 3/4* maxed by now but to start all over after all the time and money i spent ?

and dont take me wrong its not like im trying to say who pay should get on top, but lets face it, because we paid we got screwed lol

First off, your English is excellent.

I sympathize with your lack of a guide. I hope that it helps to know that there are countless native English speakers who either didn’t know about the forums or chats or didn’t think they would be helpful that have made the same mistakes you have.
In fact many of the top players made them and only later realized that they would need to rebuild their teams.

It really won’t take you all that long to get 4* heroes up to 3/60. Couple weeks maybe once you have the heroes. If you’re willing to do a few more 10X pulls, you’ll have a few in no time. If not, you’ve got grind in front of you, but I don’t have a way around that. It’s just the game.

When I started in September, The events were impossible to complete. It was January before I was able to complete one. February was my first completion of an Epic tier (used to be called Advanced). So they were hard, yes. I don’t believe they have gotten harder to complete. They are harder to compete for top spots now because people have stronger teams and are more skilled.

However I want to be clear. My suggestion was to focus on the ~weekly rare quests, not the monthly events. These always have 1 non farmable 3* and one non-farmable 4* ascension item available.

The path I took was first to max out a rainbow 3* team, then to get my first 4 4* heroes to 3/60. Then I was able to start completing the weekly rare quests. Then I maxed those 4* heroes. Only then was I able to complete my first monthly event.

Only in the past 3 months have I worked on 5* heroes. Hope this helps.


i do appreciate your advice my friend but as i said there is huge numbers that cant read english and they are now pretty much mad :smiley: i donno if i can keep my people happy without giving them a hope that there is something going to change you know … lets see what the coming days will bring

@Fantastic I don’t get how you can be playing for 4 months and don’t have any 4* ascension materials yet. I’ve been playing 3 months and already have enough to ascend a 5* green or purple. Either you have really really bad luck or there might be something wrong with what you are currently doing. Although I don’t have any 5* fully ascended yet I am very close to finishing my 2nd set of rainbow 4*. I was able to finish both the pirate event and grimmforest event on Rare, Epic, and Legendary while using 4*, taking my time and using items at the right spots. I was even competing in the Rare event for Grimmforest and got to #80 at the end.

Why don’t you tell us what you’ve been doing in the game. How many monster chests/raid chests are you completing each day? What level titans are you fighting and what ratings are you getting on them? What is your hero roster looking like and how many cups do you have? What battle items are you using and what your ingredients inventory is looking like? What level stronghold are you at, your training camps levels, and farm, mines, and storages at? Maybe we’ll be able to help you more if you can provide us with this information. That’s what the forums are for.

Hello @Fantastic,

I pulled your post and it’s replies into it’s own thread for more visibility. :grinning:

And I know it doesn’t seem like it from your perspective, but the game is constantly evolving. The developers do add more ways for us to receive the ascension materials we need through different aspects of the game. Materials are now available in Mystic Vision (the videos), the rare chests (cycle your monster and raid chests regularly!), weekly elemental quests, occasional deals for direct purchase of ascension mats with gems (so you could in theory even get some for free)… Actually, a tidbit for entertainment, ascension materials didn’t even show up in the game until the very end of the beta phase. Talk about frustrating! lol!


Seems to me the kid in PeeWee football thinks he should be in the NFL within the year. Not so. Like everything else, this takes practice. I’ve been at this for just under a year. I have a rainbow 4* with one level 70 5* Just got that 5* in late April from TC 20. I enter every Gems event they have to go for Legendaries. I do not spend money because we don’t have any. So, I am frustrated sometimes and cry “not fair” sometimes. But nothing on Earth is fair. …I just put on my big girl panties and have some cheese with my whine. :wink:


Why do you feel the need to “catch up” at all? I may one day get into the top 100 for a while but as soon as I go to sleep I’m back down to around 2300 cups. Does it bother me that I lose 200 cups when I sleep? Well, it did at first but then I realized that I was taking just as many when I was awake - so fair is fair.

I downloaded this game for my daughter to play in July and took over playing from her in late August. I too started the game just like you, didn’t spend money on any heroes, and learned most of the game the hard way - through trial and error. I didn’t realize that once I leveled my base enough to get 4 star heroes (TC13) that I should save the same color extra heroes. I ate Kiril, Chao, and Tiburtus because I didn’t think I needed one more one hero of each color.

Then in January I went to the big family of alliances and my eyes were opened up to how the game works. I learned so much in a month that my play improved in leaps and bounds. I decided to spend some money on hero pulls so that I could live up to my own expectations but no matter how many 10-pulls I made I was still without any 5 star heroes.

I may not have had the heroes that the big players in all of the top alliances do but I have the desire to get better. I leveled up all of those 4 stars that I got in my 10-pulls and put together a nice roster. I was able to raid up several hundred points above me and win regularly. But of course I would lose cups when I slept - just like I do now. But I found a family of people that I enjoy talking to and a bigger community of people willing to share their ideas and information freely so that we all get better.

I guess the point of this post is that I completely understand your frustration but you should realize that you’ll never catch up to the top 100 players and you shouldn’t want to. You should enjoy the game for what it is and if you don’t there are plenty of other games to play. Also, if you are in an alliance where the majority of people feel the way you do and are always down on the game, maybe it’s time to move somewhere positive for a while to see if your view changes. Then, if it doesn’t, you’ll really know what’s best for you.

Best of luck to you and I hope that you can find some enjoyment in the game.

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Hi @Fantastic.

I’ve been playing for around 5 months and have found that the Ascension material drops just about right for a committed f2p player.

I think that choosing the right alliance can really help you feel relevant, where you are useful and supported. I like to be in the top third of an alliance to feel like my hits matter and my knowledge is helpful to newer members.

I get ascension mats from quests, titans, chests and even mystic vision!

Here’s the top shelf of my team below. Nothing spectacular, but I have three 4* at top Ascension and that’s plenty to do without worrying about getting more 4* or starting to worry about 5*.

Getting a training camp to TC 13 was a big step and I run two constantly.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is - balance your expectations with what’s possible, set achievable goals and enjoy being part of something bigger with your alliance.

There is a New Player guide to help guide the beginning process of this game. I encourage you to read it.

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All, @Fantastic 's frustration is not one of wishing for faster improvement. I made the same mistake reading his posts on other threads.

Rather he is expressing the fairly common frustration that comes from players who have not understood the enormous difficulty of growing teams of 5* players and has fed all his 3/4* heroes to them in hopes of growing faster only to find he can’t come close to competing.

As a non-English speaker, and as a representative of a large Arabic speaking population, he was not initially aware of the resources of this forum and the various player guides. Thus the mistaken strategy.

He had hoped that spending an increased amount of $$ at the problem would get him over the hump, but is left (as many others have) feeling cheated as the amount of $$ required to buy one’s way to ascended 5* heroes is astronomical.

I believe through all of our responses we have successfully conveyed a more prudent, more effective, and less expensive way to the top. One that shows that others have not simply taken advantage of an easier path that was once available.

Whether that is enough to save this group of players morale is up in the air. I’m hoping yes.

@Fantastic I hope I have not put words into your mouth. Please feel free to let me know if I’m off base with any of this.

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well just to be 100% honest i got 1 fine gloves from the last titan we killed few days ago, i got 1 Damascus blade from the quest that was added few days ago, the rest events / quests i couldnt finish as i got no powerful enough team to finish it, the last event i couldnt finish any of the 345* race to get any rewards other than participation reward which is 1 daily silver pull, the rest of the AM i bought from the offers that comes monthly for 9750 gems,

im not lucky to even get the king’s treasure offer till now :smiley: and after what @hazard said i do know i made a mistake by jumping directly to 5* set of heroes without having a 4* b4 i can manage some how but how about the huge amount of people who did the same mistake and cant afford to fix it.

i suggested that quests / events should be dealt with as easy/ hard depending on your team power so at least it would be hard for you not impossible.

my issue is not how to get a 4* team to max, as i stated i and many other people started the game and pulled 5* heroes and upgraded them to 3/4 and stuck there. no one expected that a higher rank heroes is a bad idea to start with