Regain Ascension Mats from heroes

I may be repeating ideas from others so this may be a merge candidate. I’m also not in Beta so I don’t know what exactly is being worked for the hero academy.
I know that most players would love one of the levels to be a “re-education school” for heroes.
You put in your max level 5* who’s gathering dust (I’m looking at you Khagan, Justice, Margaret etc) and get back your ascension mats and the hero at 1.1.
Like the reset emblems though you’ve lost all your food and also the heroes that you used to max the hero which would be considerable.
SG would only implement this with a gem cost I’d say but it may still be worth it.
I’m just not receiving 4* ascension mats at a level where it encourages me to continue to try and summon heroes (like a lot of us).

2 posts were merged into an existing topic: “Undo” for heroes to return ascension mats / “Reset Token” for ascension mats that would work like a Reset Emblem does for emblems

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