Refuse to spend on the game

Just wanted to let you know I will never spend another penny on this game. Y’all are screwing us old players. So no more $$$$ from me. 70 draws… Zero 5s and a few duplicate 4s… About 50 chochins… And 10 Gil-Ras… So ••••.

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The key is to spread put your pulls if you dont get anything on the 1st 10x pull…

What I mean by that…on a 3 day Atlantis event…pull once the 1st day…pull twice the 2nd day (hours apart…at least 8 hours apart)…then spread the rest of your pulls throughout the 3rd day before making one last pull 15 - 30 min before the event stops.

In fairness, they don’t just screw the old players. RNG screws newer players too. :grinning:

I’ve been getting screwed by RNG since I started. If you’re only playing for the purpose of getting 5* pulls, your disappointment was unfortunately inevitable.


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FWIW, you aren’t being “targeted”. Just how RNG works. 70 pulls isn’t enough to overcome the odds that are clearly posted in the game.


I bough the Atlantis deals; I did two draws with coins and three draws with gems. Came away with my first brand new shiny Wilbur, so I’m satisfied for this month. :slight_smile:

Also, no need to take out your frustration on a mod. That shows a total lack of class.

EDIT: Oops, quick update… just got another Wilbur, as I have terrible impulse control and did another draw for 350 gems. :slight_smile:


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So, it’s…rigged to give your other alliance members a lot of 5* heroes? Sounds like that’s a pretty sweet deal. Sign me up.


As I always told my kids growing up … life ain’t fair.

One of our strongest players did one 10x pull and got Arial, Ares and Seshat.

Our lowest, just growing her team player, got all three stars … all dupes for her.


Wow I’m glad I did only 28 instead of 70 pulls to get nothing.


Unreal… Wait until y’all get to my level. No wonder Anchor quit. He was right. I’m not mad at any fellow players… But I know when Im being, for lack of a better word, “Intercoursed”. Y’all can keep giving me examples… And ur opinions… Its not gonna change the facts. Come see me after you’ve played over 2 years and then we’ll talk… Maybe.

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Please see the disclosed odds:

It’s obvious you can get nothing in 70 pulls. It’s just a math.

I spent almost all my gems to do 28 pulls and got nothing. I’m c2p so my next x10 pull will be in about 2 months. I’m not happy but I was aware what are the odds so it was my concious decision and I can only blame myself.

Last atlantis I pulled Ariel and she even wasn’t a featured hero. This month used 18 free EHTs and hot Seshat. Sometimes you have good luck and sometimes you have good luck. If you don’t like how it works then don’t spend money or play different have. There are plenty of those.


I’ve been playing 2 years in August and my yellow mono team still uses two Hu Taos. I’m not rage-quitting, I just keep hoping against the odds that one day I’ll get a great yellow.

My two 10x pulls got me another Chao. I’m keeping him to eventually replace a Hu Tao.

I’m not trying to change your mind, I’m just stating my own attitude and feelings about the game. I can still fully participate and enjoy all aspects of the game and I get many, many hours of entertainment from it.


If I tallied up my receipts correctly, I’m in the ballpark of 880 - 930 Atlantis summons (since its inception) without a single one of the correlated 5*. I don’t have any of the recurring HoTM to show for it either. RNG is a fickle God and none of us are immune to the waxing and waning of his generosity, or lack thereof. Pick your battles wisely.


One thing SG did well was post the percentages of the pools…
Before that I was always thinking they were cheating me…
Now, I have to admit, that with those percentages I am quite lucky…
I think in this case SG dos well.
But, on top on that, with those percentages it’s a miracle to get one hotm…

Find in the forum the explanation of those percentages in terms of pulls…
I am engineer and understand statistics, but for not technical people is very difficult to understand why in 70 polls is normal to get nothing…


Join the F2P side, we have popcorn :popcorn: :popcorn:


I feel you… with odds have definitely changed and I will no longer spend either … I find it VERY ODD that the only HOTM ELEMENT that no matter what I do or how much I spend I can not draw since the links came out is the Holy Yellow … I am with you that I do believe the draws have become rigged just abt the tournaments and war matches are as well

Anchor has been back for a while now.


He was right to quit and wrong to come back, obviously. :rofl:


I dont think he plays as much as he used to though … I know for me it is mainly the other players that keep me playing since the changes were made …