Refund for remaining VIP days

Since the VIP second builder is now useless since I can’t get enough materials via raiding I would like the remaining time on my pass refunded.
Additionally it has been over a week without a war when last week we were told they would resume after the patch went in this week, which was days ago now.


I’m pretty sure per TOS, they don’t give refunds. Fret not; the gems alone are worth it:

Normally you get 400 gems for $4.99 USD. The VIP—same price—gives you 900 gems, plus the builder, plus the loot ticket, plus the extra Summon. I buy it for the gems alone. :wink:


That’s the main reason I got the vip. The second builder is nice but the gems alone make it worth it

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Everyone whining about not able to cup drop and raid weaker players. Your own buildings should produce, with some farming, enough hams for building your base. It’s not a race…if you want to be the best then spend over 10K like some top players have.

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not sure what you consider “top” players but as someone who has hit #1 in the rankings, I’ve spent WAAYYYYYY less than ten grand.


Skill comes into it and drive. I know some have spent over 10k and one near 20k. Not here to flood this post with naming names and wasting time. It can be done, but to consistently be up in the top it does take a lot. I’ve seen you in the top 100 and yes you’re a top player. Many players want instant gratification and just keep flooding money into speeding things up and then were cup dropping to take in tons of food. One guy said he was maxing 2-3 4*/week and now he can’t do it. Resource management is key and can still give a fulfilling play time.

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That’s a poor excuse. If you pay for something and you sign some agreement, you do it because of all conditions of agreement. I can buy gems for money, that’s not a problem. I bought VIP for 2 builders I was waiting for for few months. Now it’s being taken off.

Of course, I will not argue about that here on forums or beg for a refund, I will simply vote with my wallet. That’s my last VIP bought in this game, and as a form of strike, last money spent.

Good game developer knows how to take money and leave customer satisfied…

BTW. “plus the loot ticket, plus the extra Summon”

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Useless loot ticket that saves 2 minutes of my half hour or even more grinding something that suppose to be auto…full auto, long time ago. Extra summon :smiley: Yeah, top players collecting 5* are really up to random spawn of 1 x 1-2* when they get up to 100 daily from other sources. Somebody forgot about those who pay for game, who really pays for playing. And those are top players, that spend half of their day playing, for which such numbers like 1 ticket or 1 x 1* hero is a junk.

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Their terms of service say they don’t do refunds because it is very clear what you are buying before you buy it, in this case what was very clear is that they changed it to their benefit after I made the purchase. A simple bait and switch which is not in any way legal. The gems alone are not worth it. They frequently have a sale where you can spend 99 cents 5 times and get 200 gems (totalling 1000 gems for $4.95) instead of 900 for $4.99. I would save my money for that.

I bought the VIP previously and nowhere does it say anything about raids or resources from raiding. All it promises are 30 daily gems (IF you collect daily), second base builder, and Bonus Daily Summon. Recently there is now the added addition of a Loot Ticket so technically they are giving you even more than they promised initially.


Yes, the VIP terms have changed. Loot tickets got added. The changes to other parts of the game are not referred to by the VIP pass at all.
It’s very hard to say that you are being cheated by a change to the VIP terms and demand a refund based on that when the only change is an addition to what you get for your money, for no additional fee.

Being unhappy with the other changes to the game is entirely reasonable from where I’m standing. It’s been poorly handled and announced, and arbitrarily imposed without warning. But it’s impossible to say that the changes made would give any grounds for a refund of the VIP purchase, because none of them reduce what a VIP purchaser actually gets for their money. All the reductions are to the free content.

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Its not bait and switch. See DMP and Paulon’s posts above.

I’m sorry if I was not as eloquent in my initial post. :slight_smile:

Why would they refund VIP time? Nothing about the VIP changed, in fact it got better.

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I am as disappointed with the raid nerf as anybody else, but I do not think SG needs to offer refunds for VIP pass purchases. And yes, I do currently have a VIP pass. The VIP pass is still giving us exactly what was promised.

I agree, however, that the value of VIP pass has diminished significantly. I am not sure whether I will renew it next month. The loot tickets and daily summons have no value to me, but the pass does offer a very good price for gems. I will probably still be able to use the second builder when I need to level a mine or the watchtower, but there is no way to support two builders when both objects under construction require iron to build.

So, I suppose my feeling is that the VIP pass is still worth more than $4.99 a month. However, part of me feels like I should not renew it simply to register my frustration with the nerfs. I am definitely considering a move from casual spender to f2p.

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File a claim with Google directly if they feel you’re right they’ll refund your money and then deal with SG, for what it’s worth i think the gems alone are worth the money but to each his own

Hey player! We are SG, we are giving you awesome Ferrari to drive even faster now! Now, drive:


I respectfully disagree. You absolutely can have two builders going when both require iron. I have one TC 20 and another building TC 18. I’ve been leveling two training camps concurrently for a while now. My mines and storages are all at 18. It’s not impossible. Of course the extra resources from raids helped but honestly during long construction times you should be accumulating enough iron through your mines to not have to worry about the raid nerf.

Riaroo, let me know how it goes when tc20 finally drops 5*. If you just upgraded watchtower to say 17 and have anything to research, I hope your tc12 stash holds up.

There is a point where ham, not iron will be very scarce.

My mines are maxed. Before the nerf I could run two builders 24/7 on iron dependent buildings. Yes, post nerf I can run two iron builders, but not 24/7.

The fact that you are constructing high level buildings actually helps you because the build times per unit of iron increase at the higher levels. This allows you to restore your iron before the construction is finished.

At lower levels, the build time per unit of iron is much shorter, which means you can’t restore your iron before the construction is finished.

The nerf hurts lower level players much more than higher level players.

Lower level players don’t product hourglasses and tornados for 10* titans, which cost 100k per item and you suppose to use 5-6 daily.

That’s the trade-off you pick though right? Either you use your iron to make items so you can score better on titans or you use your iron to build your buildings. If you want to build your buildings you’re going to have to use some cheaper items on titans and risk not getting a high score.

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