Refresh Atlantis Coin Rewards Annually

I’ve seen a lot of comments expressing disappointment with the removal of atlantis coins from rewards chests, and I already felt like after completing S2 on normal and hard the coins were a little hard to come by.

So I’m proposing that annually the coin reward for level completion be refreshed. Eg every year a player can replay the s2 levels on easy and hard and get full coin rewards once more. It’s really not that many coins, but i think it would go a long way to soothe a lot of the discontent that is brewing now, as well as allowing all players a reasonable chance to continue to pursue s2 and former hotm heroes. I doubt it would negatively impact spending much, since f2p and c2p won’t spend anything/very much to chase heroes anyway.

Huh, this is actually quite an elegant solution.

Would it be annually for everyone?

Or 1 year after you complete all 540 stages (easy & hard) each time?

Just looking at the 21.6 free pulls per year alone from renewing stage completion, that’s quite a bit more than what is possible through the old sources that were removed; in fact, it would be 2-4x more. So this would be much better for players than if they simply added valhalla coins in addition to atlantis coins like in most proposals.

That’s not considering all of the 4 star AM mats from quest completion, if that was to be renewed as well.

So… I highly doubt SG would consider this. Unless AR was completely removed. Even then, it seems doubtful.

Only reasonable solution is to beef up POV IMO. Because POV actually takes additional effort to do and currently the rewards really, really suck.

I had thought it would be one year after completion for each player (so different for each person), but it could be a fixed date instead, like the anniversary of s2 initial or final release, or maybe like the anniversary of the game launch

I think renewing quest completion rewards (while great) would be way too much to ask for. 21.6 free pulls is guaranteed 2 ascension mats chests, I’d be way more than happy enough if they “only” gave us the coins again

I think this idea is rather interesting. It would be a nice way to keep Atlantis coins more readily available to the general population.

Since you do run into an issue with when to actually reset perhaps an item rewarded upon completion would work. For example when you beat the final stage part of the mission rewards are one Reset Atlantis token either normal or hard that wipes out all of your progress. By that I mean you must start from 1.1 and then play once again through the provinces one at time. This makes it so that there is some minor risk involved with resetting in that you may not be able to farm the best stages for Atlantis Rises and also may not have access to the necessary stages for Path of Valor. While we are at it also make it similar to season 3 in that you must go through hard sequentially the same as normal. The mission item would have a cool down of 1 year so or less if SG so desires so that you could not just continuously play through over and over again.

There are obvious flaws to this idea in that if you have one reset token for normal and one for hard not everyone has completed both difficulties so resetting normal while not being done with hard would cause you to lose out on those potential Atlantis coins. I do think losing the progress would be easiest solution. Otherwise you would have to keep track of separate degrees of completion if gong with the aforementioned complete reset of progress and having that minor risk involved means that SG isn’t making things too easy.

An alternative to the above is them just adding a reset Atlantis option to the store that costs about as much as the free summons gained from the coins and that is only slightly more likely than the reality that we will probably never get anything :frowning:

I like the idea of it being unique to every player… Incentivise rerunning and actually USING S2 outside of Atlantis rises…

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Agree 100%

20 more agrees

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